xQc and Adept fight on live stream after GTA RP stream goes awry

xQc and Adept fight on live stream after GTA RP stream goes awry

Twitch streamers Felix “xQc” Lengyel and Sam “Adeptthebest” got into an argument in a recent live stream. The two streamers confirmed earlier this year that they have been dating for a while. xQc and Adept have been roommates for years and are one of the most popular streamer-couples.

Apparently, xQc took a joke too far and stayed in-character even though he wasn’t streaming. The streamer initially tried to talk to Adept but began streaming on the GTA server after she refused to talk to him.

However, Adept later decided to talk to xQc about the matter and interrupted his stream. The two had a lengthy argument, after which xQc seemingly decided to stop streaming for the time being.

xQc and Adept fight during the former’s GTA RP stream

The two streamers had been involved in an argument after xQc initially killed Adept’s in-game character, thereby violating the unspoken rule of RP servers, “NVL” or “Not valuing life.” During the argument, xQc tried to justify his behavior by explaining that it was all part of his “character.”

However, Adept claimed that xQc consciously blurs the line between “role-play” and reality. She claimed that he sometimes doesn’t go “off-character” even when he is not streaming or playing video-games.

As seen in the clip below, xQc was engrossed in a GTA stream and was driving around the map. He decided to get a burger combo at the in-game “Burger-Shot restaurant.” xQc’s in-game character had just finished sipping down his soda when Adept’s voice became audible in the background.

She said that

“So you asked to come to my room and I tell you no. You were all sad, all f***ing sad on the couch, asking to talk to me.”

However, xQc refuted his girlfriend’s claims. The streamer said that he had come out of her room when she asked him to.

“I went out of it then. I said if you wanted to talk. You said no, and I went out. I wasn’t sad. I said if you wanted to talk.”

In response, Adept claimed that xQc was indeed sad and asked him to “not do this s**t.” However, xQc argued that Adept should not be angry at him as he did exactly what she wanted him to.

“I was willing to level with you, but you said get out so I went out. I went out, did I not? Now what? Sammy I went inside of your room, yes? To talk to you, you said no I went out, what about it? You said I am on mute, I un-muted. Sammy, you said I’m mute, I un-muted.”

It seemed as if Adept had changed her mind and decided that she wanted to have the “talk” that xQc initially proposed.

“Are you going to end the stream now so we can go talk like you wanted to go talk? Are you going to go talk like you wanted to talk? Yes, because I am tired of hiding behind this f***ing bulls**t that you do every f***ing time.”

Fans were confused about why the couple had started fighting. xQc is known as one of the most hilarious streamers around. However, it seems as if Adept is not too fond of some of the characters that he makes up for his streams. xQc was in the middle of the following explanation when his girlfriend interrupted him again.

“Okay, now I admitted to you today, that in-character I was molding, and out of character.”

“Don’t go there with all of that. Do you want to end so we can get the talk that you asked me for or not? That is the question. Oh god here we go. I know you’re gonna try so hard to justify behind your character and I know your chat’s gonna make you feel that you’re incredibly justified you’re gonna double down on it but they don’t know the s**t that you did in the room out of character no streams no game involved. They don’t know, that’s the truth.”

Apart from killing Adept’s in-game character, xQc had earlier taken one of his jokes a bit too far and did not go off-character even when he was not streaming. However, the streamer raised his voice and suggested that the two had already talked about the incident.

xQc eventually decided to stop streaming and talk to his girlfriend. He walked around aimlessly in-game for some time, and made his character sit down at the edge of a building’s room. He played a Coldplay song in the background and seemingly decided to talk to Adept before stopping the stream for the time being.

Fans will hope that the minor argument did not worsen and the couple stopped fighting after the stream.

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