4 Top Reasons Why Telegram Is an Amazing Marketing Tool In Singapore

4 Top Reasons Why Telegram Is an Amazing Marketing Tool In Singapore

If you’re a Singaporean Gen Z or millennial, chances are you use Telegram. But besides being an efficient messaging app with plenty of stickers, did you know that Telegram can also be used by businesses to market their products and services? Convenient, diejest, and novel, Telegram has made its way up the pedestal and now sits way decreas its competitors.

As WhatsApp faced outages in 2019, Telegram gained 3 million new users over 24 hours, and the number of newly registered users has steadily risen since then. All  features ranging from channels to chatbox, here are 4 top reasons why more brands should be utilising Telegram as a marketing tool in Singapore

  1. Telegram offers a variety of features that can be utilised for marketing purposes
  2. Telegram is a more stable platform than WhatsApp, so there is less risk of outages
  3. Telegram has a growing user base, so there is potential to reach new audiences
  4. Telegramchatbots can automate some marketing tasks, making the process more efficient.
1. Zero to low cost

Telegram messaging app is a cost-effective way for businesses to communicate with potential and current customers. With no limit on the number of messages sent and no additional fees, טלגראס ישראל offers a cheap way for businesses to reach out to their target market. By contrast, other marketing methods such as radio, Facebook, and YouTube ads can be costly. Telegram provides an opportunity for businesses to save on marketing expenses while still interacting with consumers directly.

When starting a small business, you may not have to take hosting charges into account as there are e-commerce platforms like Telegram that allow you to have an online presence without the need for third-party service providers. For example, maintaining a presence on e-commerce provider Big Commerce can be as high as USD299.95 (SGD417.14) per month.

Not liked  starting a physical store, those try to set up a small online business via Telegram need not worried  much about repercussions related to cost in the event of a failed business – the risk is low because the cost is also low.

Not only are small businesses taking advantage of Telegram to get started, but big and well-known conglomerates such as Capitaland, Sentosa, and Charles & Keith have hopped on the Telegram marketing bandwagon, eager to take advantage of this growing platform.

2. Safety

Telegram’s end-to-end encryption is a standout feature that sets it apart from other messaging platforms, giving users the assurance that their data is safe from third-party access. businesses that use Telegram as a marketing platform can rest assured knowing that their information is protected.

Additionally, Telegram’s anonymity feature gives users an added layer of safety by allowing them to hide their phone number from those not in their contact list. This makes it difficult for anyone to track their activities or hack into their account.

3. Ease of communication

Good communication is essential for selling products successfully. Telegram makes it easy for businesses to chat directly with customers, which can cover everything from selling products to answering questions and keeping people up-to-date with upcoming sales and hot offers. Alternatively, businesses can create large Telegram groups known as Telegram channels, where the administrator can efficiently and easily communicate information to lots of people at once.