5 best Free Fire characters for aggressive gameplay

5 best Free Fire characters for aggressive gameplay

Garena Free Fire is famous for its unique characters and their abilities. These characters showcase special skills on the ground that aid players and boost their performance.

However, many players like to play aggressively and chase an increased kill count. As there are plenty of characters in Free Fire, such players often get confused about which is the right choice for aggressive gameplay.

This article will look at the characters in Free Fire that will be best suited for aggressive gameplay.

What are the best Free Fire characters for aggressive gameplay?

#1 – DJ Alok

DJ Alok in Free Fire
DJ Alok in Free Fire

In Free Fire, DJ Alok’s active skill is called Drop the Beat. At its most basic form, the ability emits a 5m aura that increases the ally’s travel speed by 10% and recovers 5 HP/s for five seconds (level 1).

Using fragments, DJ Alok’s level can be increased. The highest stage of Drop the Beat increases ally movement speed by 15% and recovers 5 HP/s for 10 seconds.

#2 – Skyler

Skyler possesses the active potential Riptide Rhythm. In its default state, this ability generates a sonic wave that damages five gloo walls within 50 meters.

Each gloo wall deployed boosts HP recovery by 4 points. Riptide Rhythm has a sixty-second cooldown and is a helpful skill for aggressive players, particularly in the Clash Squad mode.

#3 – Wukong

Wukong in Free Fire
Wukong in Free Fire

Wukong’s active skill is Camouflage, and the player can transform into a bush for 10 seconds at the start (level 1). The CD has a duration of 300 seconds.

When the player engages in combat, the transformation is halted, and the CD is reset after an enemy is defeated. Wukong’s abilities improve as he levels up, and it is useful in close-range combat.

#4 – Jota

Jota in Free Fire
Jota in Free Fire

Jota, a parkour specialist and stuntman, is blessed with the passive skill, Sustained Raids.

It immediately restores 25 HP with each SMG or Shotgun kill and has a five-second cooldown at its most basic level.

At the highest level (level 6), Sustained Raids will restore 40 HP with any shotgun or SMG kill.

#5 – Hayato

Hayato possesses a passive skill known as Bushido. At its default stage, this power improves the enemy’s armor penetration by 7.5 percent for every 10% reduction in maximum HP.

At its highest level, Bushido raises the enemy’s armor penetration by 10% for every 10% drop in overall HP.

Disclaimer: The choice of a character is an individual decision, and prioritizing one over the other solely depends on an individual’s playing style.

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