5 Tv Show update Upcoming Week| TV serial Latest Twist | 5 TV serial Latest Twist| 5 TV Show Spoiler| Imlie anupama | ghum hai kisikey pyaar meiin suicide track| 5 Tv Show Upcoming Week| Big explosion in Anupama-Tamarind

5 Tv Show update Upcoming Week| TV serial Latest Twist | 5 TV serial Latest Twist| 5 TV Show Spoiler| Imlie anupama | ghum hai kisikey pyaar meiin suicide track| 5 Tv Show Upcoming Week| Big explosion in Anupama-Tamarind

5 TV serial Latest Twist|  5 Tv Show update Upcoming Week

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  • Many big twists and turns are going to come in 5 television serials.
  • A big twist in the story of Gum Hai Kisi Ki Pyaar Mein.
  • Take a look at the story of 5 TV shows like Tamarind, Anupama.

Anupama’s Dance Academy and Vanraj’s Cafe are finally ready. Vanraj has given a surprise to Baa in the name of the cafe. He named the cafe as Leela’s Cafe. Ba became emotional after knowing this. Kavya is not happy with this and she taunts that don’t get too high as businesses fail at times. Now in the upcoming episodes we will see that the Shah family has come together for the opening ceremony. Waits for a celebrity to cut the ribbon. Anupama has called Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol who are going to be her own Baa and Bapuji. Baa and Bapuji will be the guests of the ribbon cutting ceremony. Baa and Bapuji have inaugurated Vanraj, Anupama’s first business. Here Kavya will try her best to make Anupama and Ba-Bapuji clash. Apart from this, Kavya wants to take her breath by making Pakhi and Samar a Muhra and making Anupama a villain in front of everyone. By the way, it will be a treat for the fans to see Anupama and Vanraj working together in the show. It will be interesting to know what happens next in the show.

Big twist in the story of Gum Hai Kisi Ki Pyaar Mein
Gum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein saw a lot of drama at Sai’s (Ayesha Singh) birthday party. In which Pakhi (Aishwarya Sharma) created havoc by accidentally pushing Sai. While Sai asks for peace. Sai asks Pakhi to sit with her for dinner and the problems are resolved. Sai is happy that Virat did all this for her along with his family. Now Virat (Neil Bhatt) will be looking for that special moment when he can express his feelings for Sai. Not getting personal time with Sai, he will drag Sai out of the house and make her sit inside the car. Virat will give a special gift to Sai here which he has brought for her. The gift will have a diamond ring and Sai will be very happy with it. But where is Pakhi going to believe? Pakhi will soon create misunderstanding in Virat’s mind and because of Ajinkya, he will start doubting Sai. It is being told that its effect will be that gradually Sai will go into depression. Soon a suicide track will also come in the serial, due to which there is going to be a big twist in the story of Gum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein.

Malini will demand her right

Big drama is going to be seen in the TV show Imli. As the Tripathi family refuses to accept Tamarind (Sumbul Tauqeer) as their daughter-in-law. Things take a turn when the Tripathi family feels humiliated in front of the guests gathered for Pallavi’s appearance, as Aditya (Gashmir Mahajani) will introduce Tamarind as his wife. Accepting a servant as a daughter-in-law will motivate all the women gathered to make fun of the family and they will have to bear the embarrassment. Meanwhile, Malini will also feel pain when Aditya openly tells everyone that he has ended his relationship with Malini and now Tamarind is his wife. Malini will have tears in her eyes and this will happen when Aditya talks to Malini. Not only this, at the behest of Aparna, Malini will now ask for her right in Tripathi House. The show will also have a competition for Best Bahu, in which Malini and Imli will be facing each other. Here Aditya will tell Malini that he needs her help to move ahead in life. Aditya will say can Malini tell the family that you too have moved ahead like me. Will Malini be able to do this, given that she still loves Aditya?

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The secret of Riya’s pregnancy will be revealed in Ishq Pe Jor Nahi?

The interesting twists and turns of the TV serial Ishq Pe Jor Nahi are entertaining the audience. As per the story, Ahaan feels absolutely shaken to meet the woman (his mother) whom he hates the most. He tells everyone not to talk about the woman. Later, Ishqui tries to talk to Ahaan but he hides in the bathroom and starts crying. Meanwhile, Ishki also breaks down seeing Ahaan’s condition. Later, Ahaan decides to meet Savitri and inquires about the contract. When they go to meet her, Dadi mixes something in Savitri’s drink and her health deteriorates. In the upcoming episode, Kartik learns that Rhea is planning something against Ahaan and Ishki. She realizes that she is causing problems between the couple. Kartik along with Sonu spies on Rhea and goes to the hospital. Sonu meets the doctor, Riya is consulting and asks about health. Will Sonu and Kartik know about Rhea’s pregnancy? Will be interesting to see.

Seerat will know the truth of Ranveer
The upcoming episode of the popular serial Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai will see an interesting twist. When Seerat plans a romantic date to confess her love to Ranveer. When Ranveer faints, everything suddenly slips out of his hands. As Ranveer is admitted to the hospital, Seerat gets the biggest shock when the doctors open the suspense over Ranveer’s death. Seerat gets another major setback when the doctor says that he had already informed Kartik about Ranveer’s health. Knowing all this as poison will start spreading in Seerat’s body that Ranveer is going to die soon. Seerat is shocked to hear the doctor’s confession as she never expected that Kartik would hide such a big truth from her. Kartik runs to see Ranveer when Seerat will pick him up on the radar. Will question why she hid Ranveer’s condition from her. Kartik will be in for a big shock when Seerat will hold him responsible for Ranveer’s death-like situation. Seerat takes out a lot of anger on him. Where Ranveer expected Seerat to find her love Kartik after her death. But now a hate story has started between the two. It will be really fun to see how this will turn into a love story.

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