A Career as a Web Designer

a Web Designer

Most likely, you already know who web designers are and what they do, but since you are reading this article, you have a great desire to learn more about this profession. Go on reading this article because it will be useful for you. Web designers are people who create designs for websites and blogs. They are engaged in designing websites to make them look beautiful, attractive, and as convenient and understandable as possible for all users. Web designers are specialists with aesthetic tastes and skills in developing web pages. A Web Designer create designs for websites, mobile applications, and various interfaces. Web designers choose the elements that will be displayed on web pages. The purpose of their work is to make the project beautiful, which will fulfill its tasks and at the same time be convenient for all users.

Moreover, they deal with websites and create various advertising banners, the design of groups on social networks, and, in general, everything that can be done in a graphic editor and published on the Internet. As you already understood, this is a very complex and interesting profession. Usually, specialists work in one or two directions, in UX (User Experience) and UI (User Interface).

Modern education methods of obtaining professions gradually begin to dominate over the old ones. Young people are gradually beginning to be active, immersed in learning on the Internet and gaining new experience on various free and paid resources. A prestigious university and very popular online courses do not guarantee appropriate employment in a new area. As in other areas of activity, you will have to gain experience in order to become competitive in the labor market and earn a good salary. You will have a small salary in the early stages, but the main thing is not to give up and gradually work your way to the top of this profession. You can learn to be a web designer at almost every university in the country, but you can also enroll in a course at an online training school (it will be easier and will not require a lot of free time).

How much does a web designer earn?

It is impossible to give an exact figure of a web designer’s salary here because many different factors influence the earnings of a web designer, for example, experience, skills, and knowledge. 

If you work as a freelancer, it also depends on your experience. It depends on the specific project and the person’s abilities. Earnings also depend on the complexity of the project and the current workload, but the average salaries for office workers are the same as for freelancers.


  • High demand in the labor market.
  • The possibility of cooperation with various foreign companies.
  • Constant self-development.
  • Good salary.
  • The ability to work at home.
  • Availability of career growth prospects.


The web designers work on the website’s appearance. They create banners and other graphic elements, the website navigation, and determine where the text should be placed. In addition to the design, it must meet the standard requirements set by the network. All graphic elements such as a logo, banners, and pictures should be properly optimized for the individual screen size. This profession is pretty nice and suitable for all creative people. And if you’re a web designer looking for a job, check out web designer vacancies on Jooble.