Afghanistan crisis, has it become impossible to stop the Taliban? Don’t have any plans now? In this way the increasing occupation of Afghanistan Afghanistan vs Taliban Afghanistan tragedy taliban rule in Afghanistan

Afghanistan crisis, has it become impossible to stop the Taliban? Don’t have any plans now? In this way the increasing occupation of Afghanistan Afghanistan vs Taliban Afghanistan tragedy taliban rule in Afghanistan


The growing Taliban occupation in Afghanistan&nbsp | &nbspPhoto Credits:&nbspAP


  • The situation in Afghanistan is out of control. Every day of war is heavy on civilians
  • By July, 90 percent of US forces had left Afghanistan
  • After this the Taliban attacked

Is it impossible to stop the Taliban? Is there no plan left to stop the Taliban? Will the world keep watching the condition of Afghanistan and will not do anything? The Taliban has reached the entry point of Kabul. Afghan President Ashraf Ghani is in great trouble. They face a big challenge to save Kabul. Ashraf Ghani has broken his silence on Taliban this afternoon. Amidst speculations of resignation, a big statement has been made. Ashraf Ghani said that his focus is on preventing violence, instability and displacement. He is talking with his people and international partners. They will not allow war to be imposed on the people of Afghanistan. He praised his security forces for protecting the cities from the Taliban. He has talked about re-mobilizing the security forces.

There was speculation about the resignation of Ashraf Ghani. There is pressure on him from both domestic and international side. There were talks of a power share deal with the Taliban with the condition of his resignation. But after today’s statement it is clear that Ashraf Ghani has just rejected the resignation idea. But the challenge of Taliban is increasing every hour. The Taliban’s strategy is to encircle Kabul and isolate the government of Ashraf Ghani. And the government of Afghanistan should be forced. The Taliban seems to be successful in their Kabul strategy. Yesterday the Taliban captured the city of Pur-e-Alam. Which is 80 kms from Kabul.

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Taliban now occupied the capital of 12 out of 34 provinces

It is being told that the Taliban are now only 40 kilometers away from Kabul. In many reports, it was claimed that the Taliban are only 15 kilometers away from Kabul. He has reached the entry point of Kabul. The challenge is to save two cities in Afghanistan at the moment. The first challenge is to save Kabul. The second challenge is to save Mazar-e-Sharif. Mazar-e-Sharif is at the most important location. He is of paramount importance to the Afghan army. Here the Taliban has attacked from three sides. The Taliban now control the capital of 12 of Afghanistan’s 34 provinces. Yesterday he also captured Kandahar which is the second largest city of Afghanistan. Kandahar, Herat, Ghazni, Kunduz, Takhar, Badakhshan, Samangan, Nimruj, Farah, Jabjajan, Baglan and Sar-e-Pul are now under Taliban control. The exit of Kandahar after Herat, Ghazni is important because Kandahar has an international airport, Kandahar is the trading center of Afghanistan. That is, the external connections and help wires are broken. This is where the Taliban was born. Now the Taliban is pushing for the capture of Kabul.

Such was Talibani Raj

Kabul first came under Taliban control in 1996. Then it happened after four years of civil war in Afghanistan. Then as soon as the Taliban took control of Kabul, the former President Mohammad Najibullah was publicly hanged. The Taliban had barred women from working. Girls were barred from going to school. Women had to go out with full body cover. Women were required to have a man with them when they went out. Failure to do so would result in being beaten to death with stones. This time too Talibanis have started doing the same thing as soon as their rule comes. The Taliban are following their own Sharia law from place to place.

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Within a few weeks of the US and NATO forces leaving Afghanistan, the Taliban have captured more than a third of Afghanistan. As a result, the Afghan government has offered to share power. And in the recent battle it has become clear that gun rule is certain to come in Afghanistan and the sunlight of democracy is dimming. The Taliban have also captured the police headquarters in Herat. Let us tell you that Herat is the third largest city in Afghanistan.

What should 40 million Afghans do?

The Taliban is moving towards Kabul. Countries outside are engaged in expelling their diplomats. Countries outside are engaged in evacuating their citizens. America and Britain have sent their troops for this. But what should 40 million Afghans do? There is no one to save them from Taliban. There is a big crisis in Afghanistan. There has been a stampede. Millions of ordinary Afghans are fleeing the cities. There is a big problem of food and drink for them. About 20 million people are directly trapped in the war. Everyone is afraid of the coming of Taliban rule. Everyone is afraid of getting caught in the war. People are pleading in Kabul. Talking about getting out of there somehow.

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heavy loss to india

India is also suffering due to the conflict with Taliban in Afghanistan. India has invested billions of rupees in Afghanistan. According to an estimate, more than 400 projects of India are either underway or were about to start in 34 provinces of Afghanistan. Let me tell you about some big projects..

  • Afghanistan-India Friendship Dam at a cost of $290 million in Herat… Earlier this dam was named Salma Dam
  • India has also constructed Afghanistan’s new Parliament building at a cost of $ 90 million.
  • Delram-Jaranj Highway to be constructed at a cost of $135 million
  • 100 community development projects at a cost of $80 million
  • Project for construction of Shatoot Dam in Kabul
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