Anupama update 2nd july | Anupama spoiler kavya pregnant | Anupama spoiler alert, anupama update is kavya pregnant, anupama latest twist, anupama latest episode summary, what is kavya in anupama pregnant, anupama serial today 2 July 2021

Anupama update 2nd july | Anupama spoiler kavya pregnant | Anupama spoiler alert, anupama update is kavya pregnant, anupama latest twist, anupama latest episode summary, what is kavya in anupama pregnant, anupama serial today 2 July 2021

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  • Kinjal did not come in the words of Kavya, apologizing to Anupama, the matter was resolved
  • Anupama tries to help Vanraj’s work, but Vanraj gets angry with Kavya’s actions.
  • Because of Kavya, a new rule will be made in the Shah family regarding house expenses, Kavya will try to humiliate Anupama

High voltage drama scenes are now going on in everyone’s favorite TV show Anupama. While Anupama is trying to reunite her family, Kavya is not holding back from creating a rift between the Shah family. In the coming episodes, it will be seen that Anupama makes breakfast for everyone before going to her work, only then Kinjal comes there. Seeing the breakfast ready, Kinjal shouts at Anupama and says that Anupama has become great for everyone again today. After which Anupama lovingly explains to Kinjal and says that she does not want Kinjal to ruin her future because of household chores. Anupama said that the fight goes on between mother and children but mother can get angry on her children but cannot remain angry for long. She then tells Kinjal that she can express her displeasure anytime if she is feeling angry.

Seeing Kinjal angry, Kavya will do her trick

As soon as Anupama leaves, Kavya comes to Kinjal and starts provoking her against Anupama. After listening to Kavya, Kinjal tells her that she may be angry with her mother about some things but knows how to take her side. After this Mr. Dholakia asks Kinjal to handle the client. Seeing her mother working, Kinjal realizes her mistake. After which she happily agrees to help her boss. Seeing Kinjal once again, Kavya comes to him but Kinjal ignores her and leaves.

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Vanraj understands the difference between Anupama and Kavya

Vanraj asks his Bapu ji for some suggestions for his cafeteria. Just then Anupama comes there after which Bapu ji asks her to suggest Vanraj. Anupama gives Vanraj the best advice for his cafeteria which makes everyone happy. But when Kavya comes and is asked to give her advice, she leaves under the pretext of her work pressure and being late for the job. After which Vanraj understands the difference between Anupama and Kavya.

Kinjal apologizes to Anupama

In the evening, Anupama reaches home late due to some urgent work and tells everyone that she will prepare the food soon. After which everyone starts laughing and Kinjal gives him a sorry note. The tussle between Kinjal and Anupama gets resolved and everyone starts laughing. Then Vanraj and Kavya reach there. Seeing everyone happy, Kavya gets burnt. After a while the grocer comes there with household items.

Kavya says that she has ordered all these items, only then Baa says that they get their goods from the wholesale shop. On which an argument breaks out between Kavya and Baa. Baa speaks on Kavya’s antics that now she wants to share the expenses of the house as well. After which Bapu ji supports Kavya and says that whoever works, they will give 20% of their earnings in the household expenses and Ba will take care of the household expenses.

Kavya tries to humiliate Anupama

Kavya says that Vanraj and Kavya are one, so both of them will give money by adding their earnings. On which Anupama asks Bapu ji that Vanraj will start getting salary from next month after which he can contribute his salary or not, then Kavya tries to humiliate Anupama and says that Vanraj is not that poor. Once again Kavya starts quarreling with the family members, whom Vanraj pacifies.

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is pregnant kavya

When Kavya and Vanraj talk about expenses, Kavya raises the issue of saving for their child. Vanraj is also shocked at this and asks Kavya if she is pregnant.

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