TV Show Spoiler GHKKPM To Anupama Imlie: Get ready for the twists of 5 TV shows including Abhi-Pragya Bane Dushman To Seerat-Karthik Mein Pyaar, Anupama-Gum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein, TV Show Upcoming Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin To Anupama

TV Show Spoiler GHKKPM To Anupama Imlie: Get ready for the twists of 5 TV shows including Abhi-Pragya Bane Dushman To Seerat-Karthik Mein Pyaar, Anupama-Gum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein, TV Show Upcoming Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin To Anupama

  5 TV Show Upcoming Twist Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin To Anupama Imlie

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  • Abhi-Pragya’s story will change after the leap in Kumkum Bhagya
  • Seerat will confess her feelings for Kartik
  • Know the exciting twists coming this week in the top shows of the TV world

Sai will stop Virat from going on the mission
Gum Hai Kisi Ki Pyaar Mein is a popular television show. In the coming episodes, there is going to be a fierce fight between Virat and Pakhi. Virat is quite shocked and disappointed for not inviting Sai to his parents’ wedding anniversary party. Sai does not want to put her self-respect at stake by attending a party to which she has not been invited. However, Virat is adamant on going with Sai as she is his wife. Pakhi plans to enjoy the party with Virat and later accuses Sai of deliberately not attending the party. But all her plans fail as Sai comes dressed in a beautiful red saree and mesmerizes Virat.

Before leaving for the party, Virat will tell Sai that he is going to go on a mission soon. Virat will reveal that he is going to Nagpur for 2 days. Sai will be shocked to hear this. Sai will say that she should not go on any mission as Aai, Pakhi and family need her. Meanwhile, when Virat asks if she will miss her husband. So Sai will tell that she also needs Virat. Hearing this, Virat will be convinced that Sai also loves him equally. In such a situation, it will be interesting to see what Pakhi will do to remove Virat and Sai.

If Vanraj gets a new job, then Kavya will keep the new maid
Life has not been easy for Vanraj since he lost his job. Kavya’s comment from above – How am I earning and you are not earning, you are making it difficult. Vanraj was rejected in an interview because he thought he was old. When a start-up called her for an interview, Kavya did not tell her about it as it was a new company. Vanraj gets very upset with Kavya’s attitude and goes for the interview, but luck does not support there too. He later meets a friend who runs a cafe and speaks his heart out. His friend offers him a job in a cafe and Vanraj accepts it.

When Vanraj tells this to Ba, Babuji and Anupama, they are overjoyed and support the decision. However, Kavya reacts to this news and asks him to quit the job as she feels it will be very humiliating. What will Vanraj do now? Will he continue or leave? Here Kavya has decided to hire a maid who will do full time duty. Baa gets very upset because Kavya did not even take permission from her before hiring the maid. Anupama understands Baa’s pain and consoles her. Anupama persuades Baa to support Kavya and her innovations. It will be interesting to see what happens next in the show.

Tamarind will have to be slapped hard
Tamarind is ready for interesting twists and turns. Tamarind and Aditya are trying to handle the mess of their love story unfolding.
At the same time, Imli has now come to know about Pallavi and Nishant’s love and thus she tries to unite them. Tamarind locks Nishant and Pallavi in ​​the same room so that they can settle their differences and unite. The family comes to know about this action of Tamarind. In such a situation, Radha slaps Tamarind tightly. Radha has asked Tamarind to stay in the range and not become a member of the house. While Malini tries to defend Tamarind. Radha tells both Imli and Malini to stay away from family matters, calling them outsiders. Tamarind and Malini are shocked but cannot say anything. Keep watching Tamarind to know what happens next.

Seerat will confess her feelings for Kartik
Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai sees a big twist with Seerat (Shivangi Joshi) realizing her love for Kartik (Mohsin Khan). She had never realized that her friendship with Kartik was much more than that and never knew that she was in love with him. Now Seerat is trying to escape from Kartik to face reality face to face. As we know, Chauhan has come to know of Seerat’s feelings for Kartik and wants to expose it in front of Goenka and Ranveer. In the upcoming episode, Chauhan invites the Goenka family for lunch. While having food, Chauhan will question Seerat as to how she forgot Ranveer so easily in these two years and agrees to marry Karthik. He will provoke Seerat so much that she will be forced to confess her feelings for Kartik. Seerat will finally open her heart in front of Kartik and everyone. Seerat will admit that she is in love with Kartik. Kartik and Ranveer will be shocked by this incident while Seerat’s heart will be lightened and she will also be embarrassed.
Here Kartik, who used to remember Seerat time and again, will also come to know that he too has started falling in love with Seerat. Will Kartik also support Seerat and accept her love? It will be interesting to see this.

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Abhi-Pragya’s story will change after the leap in Kumkum Bhagya
Ekta Kapoor’s popular show Kumkum Bhagya is witnessing an interesting storyline for the audience. As seen so far, Ranbir confronts Prachi and the two tie the knot. Pragya learns about the truth and she also blesses the couple. Later, Abhi reaches the temple and sees Pragya getting Ranbir and Prachi married. He misunderstands her and tells Pragya that he is happy that she is married to Tanu, she will be Riya’s better mother. Pragya begs and tries to explain. However, Abhi ends the relationship with her. Now in the upcoming episodes the show is taking a big leap and Pragya settles in Australia and becomes a corporate professional. Meanwhile, Abhi loses all his money and becomes intoxicated, singing only occasionally to satisfy his addiction. Dadi misses Pragya and talks to Abhi about her. However, Abhi gets angry. Here Pragya calls Abhi a ‘cheater’. What will happen when the two come face to face?

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