TV Show Anupama 5 major twist Coming: 5 major changes coming in Anupama

TV Show Anupama 5 major twist Coming: 5 major changes coming in Anupama

Anupama Spoiler Update major twist Geeta New Entry Shah house To vanraj New job

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  • A new twist is about to be seen in Anupama’s story.
  • There are going to be 2 new entries in the show Anupama soon.
  • Now more interesting drama is going to be seen in the serial.

The story of the television show Anupama is about to see a new twist. As Vanraj’s job is gone. After marrying Kavya, he has to listen to her taunts continuously. Vanraj is giving interview for job but he is not able to succeed anywhere. But when a friend has come forward to help Vanraj. One who runs a cafe and has offered Vanraj a new job.

Yes, friend has offered Vanraj a job in a cafe. Vanraj accepts him. While Vanraj’s father, Babuji and Anupama are overjoyed by this news, Kavya does not support his decision. Kavya asks him to quit the job as she thinks it will be very humiliating. What will Vanraj do now? Will he continue the job or will he leave? This decision of Vanraj will be worth watching.

1. A new entry in Anupama
There is going to be a new entry in the popular show Anupama these days. The serial is obviously going to see an interesting drama. Because in the new track Kavya and Rakhi are very angry with all the household chores. This work has to be done by Kinjal and Kavya. Due to which there is a lot of drama in the Shah family. Now Kavya’s new maid is entering the show. The name of Kavya’s maid will be Geeta. Which will work for him and Vanraj.

2. Geeta will burn Anupama’s blood
In Anupama TV show, Geeta will be seen behaving badly towards Shah’s family. She will work only for Kavya and Vanraj. Also, Geeta will be seen humiliating Baa and Bapu ji by calling her old in the show. After which Anupama will get very irritated and her blood will boil. A completely new avatar of Anupama will be seen here. It will be interesting to see what will be the next twist in the show.

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3. Ram Kapoor will have a new entry
If reports are to be believed, a new person will enter Anupama’s life after her married life with Vanraj comes to an end. According to the information, this new person to join the cast of Anupama will be none other than veteran actor Ram Kapoor. Ram Kapoor is about to enter the serial Anupama as a parallel lead. Ram Kapoor will be seen in the show with Rupali Ganguly. This man will not be a stranger but will be Anupama’s childhood friend.

4. Anupama’s Dance Academy will start
As Anupama has now become an independent woman. After her divorce, Anupama is also looking for employment opportunities. It is being told that she will follow her passion. Anupama will soon open her own dance academy. The special thing is that his childhood friend (Ram Kapoor) will help in starting this academy.

5. Track delay due to lockdown
According to the information revealed, the makers are talking to Ram Kapoor for a long time. Ram Kapoor’s entry was stuck in the show due to the lockdown and corona. As soon as the shooting of Anupama starts back in Mumbai, this new twist will also come in the show. Although the entry track has already been written, there is a delay for Ram Kapoor to appear on the show.

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