Apex Legends slammed for ignoring the Asian community while advocating for “Stop Asian Hate”

Apex Legends slammed for ignoring the Asian community while advocating for “Stop Asian Hate”

Apex Legends recently released the “Stop Asian Hate” badge as a login reward for Season 9, but fans are enraged at the ignorance towards various in-game references that are offensive to the Asian community.

The Stop Asian Hate badge in Apex Legends has been introduced in Season 9 as a protest against the continuously growing violence aimed at the AAPI (American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin). Having said that, the official message accompanied by the Stop Asian Hate Badge in Apex Legends reads,

“Respawn, our AAPI community and our allies are united against Asian Hate.”

Having said that, the community is extremely frustrated at the repeated references in Apex Legends which are offensive to various people. For example, Kung Fu, a form of Chinese martial arts, has been heavily referenced to Cypto, a Korean character in Apex Legends.

Additionally, Crypto’s Kung Fu references have instigated a number of volatile reactions from the Korean community, and the decision to introduce a Stop Asian Hate badge while ignoring the outcries against Crypto has given rise to massive outrage among many players.

Apex Legends’ Stop Asian Hate badge faces backlash from the community

The introduction of the Stop Asian Hate badge in Apex Legends was meant as a symbol of support for the suffering community. On top of generating support for the victims of unnecessary hatred, the message from Respawn Entertainment also condemns violence of all forms.

The message states,

“Violence aimed at AAPI members, especially those without the ability to defend themselves, is abhorrent and unacceptable. Our grandparents, parents, children, brothers, sisters, and friends deserve to live without fear.”

Additionally, what has angered the community even more is the fact that the only response received from the developers stated,

“It’s not kung fu, it’s a Korean sword technique!”

This raised an even more serious doubt of whether the developers are questioning members of the Korean community about their own culture. Needless to say, the entire matter has caused Respawn Entertainment to face massive backlash from the fans.

However, whether the developers will address this issue or not remains to be seen, amidst all the outbursts from Apex Legends players.

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