As if Someone Just Gave a Warm Hug And Said Ill be There For You

As if Someone Just Gave a Warm Hug And Said Ill be There For You

Friends Reunion Review: Could it be any more emotional? The Friends Reunion episode finally aired and left us experiencing the gamut of emotions and great nostalgia. The episode began with the six cast members just stepping onto the set and reliving the moments they spent in those 10 years while shooting the incredible show. There it was: the bonding, the memories, the funny revelations, the search for the lost years of friendships, and making their millions of fans realise that the show always meant the world to them the way it is to their fans. Also Read – How Much Money Did Friends’ Stars Get For Reunion Episode? Take a Wild Guess!

The episode kept switching between the six cast members: David Schwimmer, Lisa Kudrow, Matthew Perry, Courteney Cox, Jennifer Aniston, and Matt LeBlanc revisiting their moments on the set and talking about those moments with host James Cordon on that big orange couch in front the iconic fountain. All of the ‘friends‘ just looked like this solid group of people who were just together in the entire essence of their real friendship even though they were far away from each other, and didn’t meet each other in years or maybe didn’t get the chance to talk so much. Also Read – ZEE5 Acquires Rights to Stream SS Rajamouli’s RRR After Making History With FRIENDS Reunion Episode

At one point, Matthew, who though talked less in the episode, summed everything up by saying that they may not be meeting each other very often but if they bump into each other at a party, they were going to leave the event right away to stay with each other for the rest of the evening. He said their bonding was such that the other people at the party would understand them excusing themselves because that’s how close they were – not physically connected, but essentially always there. Also Read – FRIENDS Reunion: Jennifer Anniston And David Schwimmer Had a Huge ‘Crush’ on Each Other in Real Life

Friends Reunion episode was a true treat and a perfect present for its fans all across the world. There was not even one scene where the fans didn’t get to know something interesting – trivia, or about any BTS incident, or some other ‘brand new information’. And it was only for the ardent fans of the show. The episode involved recreating many scenes like the famous quiz that pitted the girls against the boys and Monica-Rachel had to lose their apartment to Chandler and Joey. Only this time, the quiz resulted in the brief appearance of many amazing supporting characters – Janice, Richard, Mr Heckles, and Joey’s ‘hand twin’. The fans would be missing Paul Rudd aka Mike Hannigan but never mind… this was fun as it is! Gunther’s virtual appearance and seeing Jack-Judy Geller sitting in the crown refreshed many memories from the Central Perk.

The highlight of the show remained the stars sharing their memories like LeBlanc revealing how Courteney was pissed at him when he removed the lines she wrote on the table in the kitchen below the fruit ball, and when David revealed that Matt had actually dislocated his shoulder while performing the famous scene in which he competes with Chandler to grab the seat in Monica’s apartment. At one point, when the host asked the stars if there was any romantic off-screen chemistry, Jennifer looked at David and he revealed that they were kind of ‘crushing hard’ on each other in season one. The makers even cut to show various rare footage from the sets where both the actors were seen flirting and sharing cuddles with each other.

“At some point, we were crushing hard on each other but it was like two ships passing because one of us was always in a relationship. And we never crossed that boundary,” he said.

Friends Reunion Review: As if Someone Just Gave a Warm Hug And Said 'I'll be There For You'

Friends Reunion Review: As if Someone Just Gave a Warm Hug And Said ‘I’ll be There For You’

Lisa performed her iconic song Smelly Cat where she was joined by Lady Gaga. While the rest of the star guests including BTS, Justin Bieber, Reese Witherspoon, David Beckham, and Cara Delevigne among others didn’t take away any attention from the main cast, Gaga joining Phoebe seemed a little over the top. Though it was compensated with how the pop singer complimented Lisa for her character that gave hope and inspired many youngsters by normalising ‘being different’.

The creators of the show – Marta Kauffman and David Crane – constantly kept talking about how they saw their characters in the actors that they cast. It was revealed that Courteney was being considered for the role of Rachel but she preferred being Monica, and how Matt was as fun and amazing as Joey in real life. Jennifer and Matthew were both busy with other TV shows that had gone on-air already but the creators took their chances with them and offered them their parts. David, who played Ross, had actually quit the TV industry and it took both Kauffman and Crane a great deal to persuade him to accept the role.

Friends Reunion Review: As if Someone Just Gave a Warm Hug And Said 'I'll be There For You'

Friends Reunion Review: As if Someone Just Gave a Warm Hug And Said ‘I’ll be There For You’

Friends reunion was more than the six stars discussing their journey and taking us back to those 10 years. It was more about being on a special journey with their fans – giving them what they have been waiting for and telling them they are “there for” them and for each other. The episode concluded by showing how everyone – right from the cast members to the girl giving her last flap on the sets and the creators – all teared up when it ended. They were saying goodbye to 10 years of friendship and bonding, and it wasn’t any less than what we felt when Chandler said ‘where’ as the last dialogue of the show.

No, it couldn’t have been any better!

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