Honey Singh’s wife Shalini’s pain spilled – ‘By throwing a bottle of liquor, made physical relations with many women!’

Honey Singh’s wife Shalini’s pain spilled – ‘By throwing a bottle of liquor, made physical relations with many women!’

honey singh with wife Shalini Talwar

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  • Wife made many serious allegations against Honey Singh
  • Case done in court after suffering for a long time
  • Talks of alleged atrocities on Shalini Talwar came out from the petition

Mumbai: Yo Yo Honey Singh’s wife Shalini Talwar has filed a domestic violence case against the rapper. She has filed a petition in Delhi’s Tis Hazari Court under the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act. The court has issued notice to the singer to respond to the allegations before August 28. While we are yet to get to know Honey Singh’s side but the details of Shalini’s petition filed in the court have now surfaced online and it certainly contains shocking facts.

Yo Yo Honey Singh and Shalini have been married since 2011. Before that, they were in a relationship for more than a decade. However, in 2014, everyone came to know about Honey Singh’s marriage. The singer did not want to let his marriage come in the way of his career.

Recently it has come to the fore that Honey Singh lost his cool several times during the past by ‘brutally beating’ his wife Shalini, as claimed by his wife. In his petition, he has mentioned how Honey Singh felt that his wedding photos had been leaked and hence in a panic, he brutally thrashed the wife.

Apart from this, Shalini has also claimed about Yo Yo Honey Singh’s post-marriage physical relationship with not one but several women. He says that during the shooting of his popular song ‘Brown Rang De’, he used to have sex with a female colleague. Shalini says that when she came to know about this and talked about it, rapper Honey Singh ‘thrown a bottle of liquor’ at Shalini Talwar.

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At present, the court has passed an interim order in favor of Shalini Talwar on the basis of her petition and evidence. The court has also restrained Honey Singh from disposing of his jointly owned property, his wife’s Stridhan etc. or from doing any activity related to it.

It remains to be seen what turns out to be the case and how Honey Singh reacts to all the allegations against him.

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