How to get Free Fire season 36 Elite Pass for cheap through the Mystery Shop

How to get Free Fire season 36 Elite Pass for cheap through the Mystery Shop

The Elite Pass in Free Fire provides players with an opportunity to acquire a wide variety of exclusive in-game items.

There are two different versions of the pass in the game, i.e., the Elite Pass and the Elite Bundle. Players can purchase them for 499 and 999 diamonds, respectively.

The developers of Free Fire introduce a new pass every month, with “Theatre of Torment” Season 36 being the latest one.

This article provides a guide on how to get the latest Elite Pass for cheap via the Mystery Shop.

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How to get Free Fire Season 36 Elite Pass at a lowered price

Players have to draw the discount
Players have to draw the discount

The Mystery Shop event in Free Fire was recently introduced on the Indian server and provides players with numerous in-game items at heavily discounted prices.

To take part in the event, players will first have to make a spin to know the discount that they will be receiving.

The rules of the event are as follows:


Switch Function

  • Players must use the Switch button to change to another prize pool.
  • They can switch back and forth between prize pools.
  • When the grand prize of current pool is obtained, the player will automatically be switched to the other prize pool.


  • Purchasing normal items will advance the Grand Prize Unlock progress.
  • When the Grand Prize Unlock progress bar is full, the grand prize can be unlocked.

There are two different prize pools in the Mystery Shop. The Grand Prizes in each of them are the Breakbone Sheriff Bundle and the Brokebone Deputy Bundle.

The Elite Pass is one of the items present in the prize pool, which has the Brokebone Deputy Bundle.

Here are the steps that players can follow to access the Mystery Shop event and buy the Elite Pass at a discounted price:

Step 1: Players should open Free Fire and tap on the “Calendar” icon.

Click on the
Click on the “Go To” button

Step 2: They must navigate through the “Events” section and click on the “Mystery Shop” tab.

A dialog box will appear
A dialog box will appear

Step 3: Finally, players should click on the purchase button below the “Elite Pass.” A dialog box will appear, asking them to confirm the process. Players can click on the button below the message to confirm their purchase.

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