Anupamaa Upcoming Spoilers twist Alert updates : Kavya will divide the Shah family into 2 parts in front of Anupama’s eyes

Anupamaa Upcoming Spoilers twist Alert updates : Kavya will divide the Shah family into 2 parts in front of Anupama’s eyes

Anupamaa Upcoming episodes Spoilers twist Alert Kavya insults Vanraj And kinjal anupama cold war

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  • Kavya is brainwashing Kinjal
  • Kavya is making fun of Vanraj
  • Anupama’s upcoming episode will see interesting twists and turns

The upcoming episodes of Star Plus popular serial Anupama will see interesting twists and turns. Earlier it was seen that Kavya was about to fall and then her leg got badly injured. When Anupama comes to help him, Kavya also lets him in her room. Kavya welcomes Anupama to her old room, when Anupama applies ointment on her feet.

Kavya did not make any difference with the help of Anupama
Kavya is not bothered by Anupama’s good gesture and help. Anupama carefully massages Kavya’s feet, for which Kavya does not even feel thankful. Later Anupama goes to wash her hands. When Baa learns that Anupama had gone to help Kavya, she reprimands him. However, Anupama says that Baa is well aware of her helping nature.

Kavya is brainwashing Kinjal
These days Anupama is falling prey to conspiracy. Kavya is constantly creating a rift between Kinjal and Anupama. As it is seen that Kavya has brainwashed Kinjal. She has started calling Kinjal as Anupama 2 for doing household chores. In such a situation, Kinjal is also now standing against Anupama. Kinjal flatly refuses Anupama to do the kitchen work and gives a very harsh reply.

Kinjal wants Vanraj’s help in the job
Kinjal has a soft corner for Vanraj. This gives a major setback to Anupama, where Kinjal, who was promoted in her work, expresses sympathy for Vanraj. Also, Kinjal wanted Vanraj to help her in the projects of her Mumbai clients and on the other hand Kavya is very happy with this. It will be interesting to see what will be the next twist in the show and what will be Anupama’s next move.

Kavya is making fun of Vanraj
Vanraj has taken up a new job in a cafe. When Babuji asks him how was his day, Vanraj says that it was good. But then Kavya mocks him and says that she does not support him in working in a cafe. Kavya said that she feels it is disrespectful to Vanraj and even called him a loser. But Samar takes a stand for Vanraj and tells him that Kavya should respect Vanraj for what he is doing as it is not easy to start afresh at his age. Later when Kinjal asks Vanraj to help her with a client, Kavya mocks her, saying that Vanraj won’t be able to help as he is busy selling coffee.

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