Awesome Hats for Enhanced Comfort and Style You Must Pack for Your Next Summer Holiday

Next Summer Holiday

With summer around the corner, many people will start planning their next summer holiday. Regardless of whether the destination is in some far-away exotic land or a more practical and economical option closer at hand, packing the right things is vital to enjoying your vacation. In addition to choosing the right clothes, the mandatory moisturizer, sunscreen, sunglasses, bathing suits, etc., you must remember to buy and take along your favorite wide-brim hat for protecting yourself from the blazing sunshine. Even though you may not be usually wearing hats, you cannot deny they are the perfect accessories for summer travel to protect your skin and hair as well as the neck and shoulders. Depending on the style of the hat, its color, and embellishments, you can suit one perfectly to your holiday attire to look cool and feel cool. Some of the top summer hat styles, you must explore for Next Summer Holiday:

Derby Hats

The Bowler hat is also known as the Derby hat, particularly in America. It is associated with horse racing ever since the 12th Earl of Derby established a series of horse races that came to be known as the Derby Stakes, a flat race involving three-year-old horses. According to The Gentleman’s Gazette, these hats proved popular, especially at outdoor events, because their shape ensured they did not blow off due to the wind. The modern Derby hat has an extra-wide wide brim, which is in itself a fashion statement and serves to protect your head as well as neck and shoulders. The great thing about Derby hats is that they are available in a wide variety of colors and sizes, which is ideal for matching different summer outfits. Men can wear Derby hats with shorts and half-sleeve beach shirts with loafers to match, while women will look gorgeous with a striped crop top and trousers.

Visor hats

Though they have been in existence for a long time visor hats are making a comeback nowadays for Next Summer Holiday. The visor hat is easily recognizable because they have a broad brim at the front and absolutely nothing at the back. When you wear a visor hat, you can enjoy matchless comfort because you can leave your head uncovered, making it easy for the sweat to evaporate. Armed with a band at the back of the head, these hats are easy to adjust for a comfortable summer fit that does not chafe the sides of your head. Some cool ways to wear a visor hat include pairing one with a tank top and a pleated skirt or shorts for a great way to look hot on and off the tennis court or golf course. You can also wear a visor with a pair of fitted jeans and a t-shirt along with colorful sneakers. If you are aiming to hit the pool, you can make heads turn wearing a smart visor with a bikini, one-piece, or high-waist shorts.

Cowboy Hats

These hats with a tall crown and a wide turned-up brim are American icons. Originally worn by the North American cowboys, they are now more commonly worn by city slickers. With its signature styling, there is nothing better to protect you from the blistering sun on your summer travels. When wearing a cowboy hat, you must choose the right attire. You are guaranteed to look good in a simple ensemble comprising a button-up shirt in a check pattern or a solid color. Heavy cotton or flannel shirts work the best paired with a pair of basic blue jeans with no side pockets, extra buttons, or designs on the back pockets. It is better to avoid torn or bleached jeans and wear your shorts nicely tucked in with a wide belt and a fancy buckle.

Bucket hats

Even though bucket hats may sound unglamorous, they make for great summertime travel wear because they are soft and crushable, allowing you to stuff them into your baggage without fearing that they will get spoiled. Wearing them is just a matter of pulling them out and putting them on your head. Another handy feature of bucket hats is their adjustable brims you can fold into whatever shape you desire. If you don’t want the brim in front, you can tilt them upwards and change your looks instantly.

When you are trying to stay cool in the heat of the summer, you can wear a bucket hat matching the overall color scheme of your tank top and shorts. You can leave your feet bare or wear a comfortable pair of trainers with ankle-length socks. The good thing is that you don’t have to wear bold outfits to wear a bucket hat since it goes very well with casual clothes in neutral colors. You can experiment a lot with textures and colors with bucket hats to make your outfits eye-catching. You can even choose a bucket hat with a contrasting color to your outfit that will draw attention to your face. Alternatively, if your bucket hat is understated, you can try pairing it with a brightly colored t-shirt and shorts.

Panama hats- Next Summer Holiday

Many people don’t know it, but a Panama hat is a Fedora hat made of straw, which is lightweight and comfortable enough to keep the summer heat away. The great thing about Panama hats is that both men and women can wear them with ease. While you can wear Panama hats with almost anything you want, men will find it comfortable to wear with a pair of shorts paired with a short or a t-shirt while women can carry one off wearing a crop top and jeans or a long straight dress. Choosing a Panama hat is a personal decision, but you should opt for a wide brim if your frame is large and you have a round face, while a smaller brim goes better with smaller folks with finer features.


The secret of picking a hat for your summer travels is to ensure that it has a large brim and is lightweight and breathable so that you are comfortable even when the heat builds up. Since you are likely to be packing only one hat on your vacation, you should pick one in a light color for matching with your attire.