Check out the 8 best drugstore eyeliners

drugstore eyeliners

Researching the best drugstore eyeliners is challenging. The main things to check out for are:

  1. The eyeliner should not smudge
  2. It should dry up soon

By checking with the above points, the best drugstore eyeliners range is as follows:

 1. L’Oreal Paris Flash Cat Eyeliners at Amazon

According to reviews, it is known that the color of the eyeliner is very thick (you can apply one coat). It dries up pretty soon, leaving a matte finish. Thus, stays for a long time and stay for a long time (from 9 to 5).  You can easily remove it. The best part of the eyeliner is it has a pointed tip and comes with a stencil, so we can apply it quickly (makes precise cat-eye) easily.

The negative point is that it is a bit difficult to remove but can be easily removed with a small amount of micellar water. Only 2 colors are available (brown and black.) It is not a cruelty-free product.

 2. e.l.f. Cosmetics Intense Ink Eyeliner at Ulta

The second best drugstore eyeliners is e.l.f. Cosmetics Intense Ink Eyeliner at Ulta. The best fact about this product is that it is very thick in color. In one swipe, the black hue gives the best effect. It must be shaken once before use. It dries up quickly and takes 12 seconds for the matte finish. The staying time is average. It is fairly easy to remove it. It’s highly affordable and comes with a pointy tip. The product is very much affordable.

The negative point is it bleeds a little. It fades a little ( couldn’t stay from 9 to 5). The product is cruelty-free. In order to remove it, we can use micellar water.

best drugstore eyeliner

3. Best Cat Eye: NYX Epic Ink Liner at Amazon

The positive points of the product are that: it is very affordable. It is very black with a shiny finish and stays pretty long. It has a flexible and pointed tip. You find it as the best drugstore eyeliner to make the perfect cat-eye. You can create a great cat-eye as it has a flexible brush. Also, this cruelty-free product lasts all day long. 

The negative point is, it is not the best for a normally rushed person as it takes pretty long to dry down. It also fades in color. It stays up to nine hours. But it can be removed with some micellar water. It is available only in two colors, black and brown.

4. Best Smoky Eye: COVERGIRL Perfect Blend Eyeliner Pencil

The best drugstore eyeliners that can be used to make smoky eyes is the COVERGIRL Perfect Blend Eyeliner Pencil. The positive points are that it has a good streak fine tip blends really well. It can be used to make smoky eyes. There are many shades. It comes in: Basic Black, Charcoal, Black Brown, and Smoky Taupe. With the sharp edges it smokes out the liner with a matte finish. It is a cruelty-free product and can be easily removed with micellar water.

The negative points are that it is semi-dry and needs warming up before using, and there is no built-in sharpener.

best drugstore eyeliner

 5. Best for Beginners: Maybelline New York Master Precise Skinny Gel Eyeliner at Amazon

The best drugstore eyeliner for beginners is by Maybelline. The product’s positive points are the color is good and very black. It can be easily removed. There is an option of twist-up and has a micro-tip. It produces an opaque black formula and glides easily over the eyelids and water line because of the gel-like structure. Therefore, it is easy to apply and remove.

 The negative points are that it has a slight smudging. It doesn’t stay for long. It’s not a good option for hot and humid conditions. It is not a cruelty-free product.

6. Best Waterproof: Rimmel Exaggerate Waterproof Eye Definer at Amazon

The product’s positive points are that it has a dark black pigmentation. It stays for a long time. It is easy and smooth to glide and has a wide color range. This best drugstore eyeliner has a smudging end and is waterproof. It provides 9 shades, including Blackest Black, Black, Brown, and Deep Ocean. It has a smooth matte finish. You can cry, laugh, sweat, or even swim wearing this eyeliner as it’s waterproof.

Negative points of the product is it is hard to remove, and it’s not a cruelty-free product.

best drugstore eyeliner

 7. Best Liquid: Wet n Wild Megaliner Liquid Eyeliner

The positive point about the product is that it is extremely pigmented and has a very thick black color. It has a great tip and comes in small and compact packaging and stays for a long time. Additionally, It can be easily removed using the micellar liquid. The applicator brush is very precise, and the four shades include Black, Dark Brown, Voltage Blue, Electric Purple. It has a matte finish.

Negative points of the product is it takes a long time to dry. It is not a cruelty-free product. It dries up very late, and you need to close your eyes until it dries up.

8. Best Pencil: Revlon ColorStay Waterproof & Long-Wearing Eyeliner

Revlon has the best drugstore eyeliner, which stays for long. The positive point of this eyeliner is the pigment is highly thick and comes in different colors like Charcoal, Black/Brown, Black, Brown, Black Violet, Sapphire, Jade. It comes with a built-in sharpener, a sharp tip and has a dual-ended smudger. Also, It is a waterproof product giving the matte effect with some shimmer.

Negative points of this product is it’s very difficult to remove it. Even by using micellar water, it can’t be removed easily. it smudges after two hours. It’s not a cruelty-free product.

To Sum Up:

With the amazing collection, the customers today have great choices to get their desired look that fits their pocket and aligns with their interests as well. Glam up with the best drugstore eyeliner for any event.