Apex Legends developer confirms nerf for overpowered Bocek Bow

Apex Legends developer confirms nerf for overpowered Bocek Bow

With Apex Legends Season 9 underway, the community has had over a week and a half to test the new legend changes and weapon meta. One overarching theme common between the average player base and the professional Apex community is that the Bocek Bow is hilariously overpowered.

For over a week, players have been getting shredded by this weapon, which has broken the gun meta in Season 9 Legacy and is now officially confirmed to be getting a nerf.

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Apex Legends Season 9’s latest weapon, The Bocek Bow, set for nerf

Replying to professional Apex Legends competitor Jack “NiceWigg” Martin on Twitter, Apex Legends’ game designer for weapons, David Bocek, confirmed that the Bocek Bow is scheduled for a nerf soon.

NiceWigg’s complaints about the weapon echo the sentiments of the community as a whole regarding the weapon. Host to a multitude of issues, the Bocek Bow is overpowered as it essentially:

  • Has no reload time
  • Is almost completely silent
  • Gives players no feedback as to where they’re being shot from
  • Has a very high hip-fire accuracy stat
  • Deals disproportionate damage to players for a single shot

Here are some stats of the bow:

Max pullback:

  • Headshot (no helmet): 123
  • Chest: 70

Instant fire:

  • Headshot (no helmet): 31
  • Chest: 25

Considering these factors, players have been abusing the bow in every game mode, including ranked and the Arenas, where they can not just farm damage but also two shot people even with red armor.

Contrary to how Respawn Entertainment handles weapon balancing changes during the season split, the developers are looking to ship a mid-split update to make the game more viable for different gun metas and bring the Bocek down from its pedestal.

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