Battlegrounds Mobile is not the Indian version of PUBG Mobile, but rather an exclusive game created by Krafton for Indians: Luv “GodNixon” Sharma

Battlegrounds Mobile is not the Indian version of PUBG Mobile, but rather an exclusive game created by Krafton for Indians: Luv “GodNixon” Sharma

Battlegrounds Mobile is not the Indian version of PUBG Mobile, but rather an exclusive game created by Krafton for Indians: Luv “GodNixon” Sharma

The announcement of Krafton’s Battlegrounds Mobile India has sparked a lot of conversation among the PUBG Mobile faithful and online personalities alike, and one of these very personalities, Luv “GodNixon” Sharma, has been quite vocal about the upcoming title and how it will be an IP that Krafton is making exclusively for Indian gamers.

Godnixon has been one of the top PUBG Mobile content creators in the nation, and he is also one of the best in a roster of 200+ talents that Trinity Gaming boasts.

In an exclusive interview with Abhishek Mallick of Sportskeeda Esports, GodNixon shares his views on Battlegrounds Mobile India and how its imminent arrival will change the region’s mobile esports landscape.

Luv “GodNixon” Sharma talks about Battlegrounds Mobile India

Here is an excerpt of the conversation:

Q. You have been one of the more popular PUBG Mobile streamers and content creators in the nation, and you owe much of your channel’s success to Krafton’s title. So how has life been for you ever since PUBG Mobile got banned in India last year?

Luv: Of course, maintaining the pace was a bit challenging, not only for me, but also for the other gaming creators as well. As audiences were fond of watching the creators play and get updates about the game, after the game got banned, there was a severe drop in viewership for those whose content revolved around the game.

But now, we are glad that Battlegrounds Mobile India is launching soon, and again, there will be a lot of creators making their comeback.

Q. How did you feel when the Indian iteration of the game, Battlegrounds Mobile India, got officially announced?

Luv: I am very excited for the launch of Battlegrounds Mobile India. New content and new gaming sensations will be seen shortly. I hope BGMI will also lead to a good spike in my gaming career.

Before PUBG got banned, like any other gamer and content creator, I used to play for hours, understanding and enjoying the game. Not to forget, everything I have achieved is because of PUBG. I created a lot of channels, but none of them worked out.

Then came PUBG. I started making videos, gradually growing every day. They became viral and gave me the status I have today. Talking about earnings, we aren’t supposed to disclose, but yes, PUBG did provide me good financial support and a bright career in esports.

Q. How different do you feel the Indian variant of PUBG Mobile will be from the original?

Luv: First of all, Battlegrounds Mobile India is altogether a different game. The only similarity is that it has been created by the creators of PUBG, i.e. Krafton. The game BGMI is exclusively created for the Indian gaming audience.

Anyway, we still don’t know how the game will be, but we hope it will live up to the expectations of the audiences, who are eagerly waiting for the game to launch.

Q. How drastically do you think the Indian mobile esports scene will change once Battlegrounds Mobile India launches?

Luv: Everyone in the Indian gaming community and outside the community know very well that PUBG had a big role in uplifting esports and the gaming industry in India. For the first time, the majority of people watched national and international tournaments and actually took interest in them.

Once the love and passion for gaming has been developed, it will prevail forever. With the launch of Battlegrounds Mobile India, the level of the gaming industry will shoot up again with double force and yield better results. We hope that with this game, esports and gaming will become a great career option.

Q. For better or for worse, what do you feel will be Battlegrounds Mobile India’s impact on similar titles like Free Fire and Call of Duty: Mobile?

Luv: I feel every game is different and has a unique USP. There are audiences who follow only one game devotedly and there are those who follow all games. There may be a slight impact on these games, but not completely, due to different fan-followings and genres.

For a gamer, every game is equally good and unique in its own way. Therefore, Battlegrounds Mobile India will also be another game with its own unique style.

Q. With Krafton’s title making a return to India, how exactly will your professional career as a streamer and content creator change?

Luv: Krafton is the parent company of the creator’s beloved game PUBG. Therefore, Krafton making a comeback in India with another blockbuster game is what every Indian gamer is waiting for. I am also excited to try out the new game and resume my career with that game. I am thankful now my new content will be revolving around Battlegrounds Mobile India, which will also become a beloved game.

Q. In terms of investment, what kind of engagement do you feel that Battleground Mobile India can pull in for the scene once it’s officially launched?

Luv: I feel I may not be the perfect person to answer this question because I am a content creator, and the way a creator looks at a game would be different from how investors and brands look at the game. But I do feel, with this game, there will an increase in gaming influencers and enthusiasts, so investing in the gaming sector would be a good option.

Q. Do you feel that India having its own version of PUBG Mobile will cause complications, especially when it comes to competitive fairness in esports?

As I mentioned earlier, Battlegrounds Mobile India is not the Indian version of PUBG mobile. It is an exclusive game created by Krafton for Indian audiences only. Therefore, as far as the competitions are concerned, they will be held inside India to help the Indian gamers grow. Anyway, a lot of gamers have potential, therefore, the scale and enrollment in Indian gaming tournaments will itself be really high.

Q. With the PUBG Mobile ban last year, a lot of esports talents and streamers started taking up new games. How many of the player base and online personalities do you feel will return once the game returns?

Luv: It was amazing to see creators taking up new games after the ban, which indeed helped them increase their fan base even more. I truly believe that most of the PUBG mobile creators will indeed choose Battlegrounds Mobile India to make a comeback. Not only will the existing creators return, but new creators will also join in.

Q. Will majority of your time now go to playing Battlegrounds Mobile India after its official launch? What can fans expect from GodNixon’s future streams?

Luv: I am not a streamer, and honestly, I have never streamed. I am a content creator. Talking about my fans, I will provide them with the same genre of content that I used to provide before, which is “tips and tricks.”

I will continue working towards it and of course, if I get early access to the game, I will start working on the content right away.

Q. Do you plan to get into the competitive side of Battlegrounds Mobile India after it’s launched?

Luv: I never wanted to play competitively in the past and I won’t be going for it in the future either. The reason could be that I am an iPad player and iPads are not allowed in tournaments. It would take time for me to adapt to mobile app marketing & gaming. Therefore, I would like to focus on what I am good at and work on improving my content.




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