Dog Meat Festival China: Thousands of dogs are eaten, there is a huge protest again it

Dog Meat Festival China: Thousands of dogs are eaten, there is a huge protest again it

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Dog festival organized in China&nbsp


  • Dog Meat Festival is celebrated for 10 days in Yulin Province of China.
  • During this several thousand dogs will be brutally put to death.
  • Sellers start cutting dogs and hanging them like goats in shops

The world is in the grip of the second wave of the Coronavirus epidemic and a warning of the third wave has also been issued, there were allegations that China is responsible for throwing the world into this crisis and it itself could not escape from this menace. Even after this, China is careless about this and is doing everything that has happened in China in normal days, we are talking about the Dog Meat Festival of China which has started there, although its heavy. There is also protest, but China is careless about this.

The Dog Meat Festival is celebrated with extreme cruelty for 10 days in Yulin province of China, according to an estimate, several thousand dogs will be brutally killed in these 10 days. Everything will happen just for the taste…

It should be noted that questions often arise about the eating habits of the people of China, last year even at the time of the spread of the corona virus, it was estimated that the virus would have spread due to eating bats, but the people of China Do not give up on habits.

Dogs are brutally cut and hanged upside down

According to media reports, dogs are being brought here on a large scale from other provinces in Yulin, which are brutally killed in the name of the festival and the taste of the Chinese people, and meat sellers are using dogs to attract people. They start hanging them on the shops like goats so that the customers are attracted towards it and their sales increase.

Massive protest against ‘Dog Meat Festival’

China policy expert Dr Peter Li of the animal rights group Humane Society International said that despite new cases of COVID-19, approval for such a festival could be overwhelming. Due to which there will be a risk of spreading the infection and by eating dog meat, they will work to increase that risk further. Animal-loving organizations around the world started questioning about the Dog Meat Festival, even after this the festival is not making any difference.

Dogs have to go through all the torture till death

It is said that the meat traders pick up stray dogs from the road itself or they are stolen many times, after which the dogs are put in iron cages and they are kept hungry for many days, after killing them, they are killed. The body is hung in the meat market, Yulin Dog Meat Festival is celebrated every year in China.It started in 2010.

Dogs are roasted and eaten alive

People come from far and wide in China for this festival, even all the hotels around are booked, in this festival which lasts for 10 days, dogs are roasted alive and eaten, in which thousands of dogs are killed.


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