Everything to know about the Supporters Club

Everything to know about the Supporters Club

Valve just shipped the first major Dota 2 update for The International 10. Also revealed was the Supporters Club, a brand new feature for fans to support their favorite teams.

Earlier today, Valve announced the dates for the long-awaited The International 10. Alongside the dates, they also revealed a new content update for Dota 2. The latest fan content system was introduced to the player base as the Supporters Club

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What is the Dota 2 Supporters Club?

The Supporters Club is essentially a new store within the Dota 2 game client. Players can access it from the banner on the home screen.

Once in, users will be given the option to select the team that they want to support.

The available teams in the Supporters Club (Image via Valve)
The available teams in the Supporters Club (Image via Valve)

Each team has three bundles that players can choose from: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Each successive bundle has an increasing amount of content.

The Bronze Club includes a badge that will show the player’s allegiance to their favorite teams. It will also change colors if the other bundles are purchased.

The Silver Club includes three sprays and three emoticons in addition to the content in the Bronze Club.

The Gold Club includes three voice lines, two loading screens, and a customized in-game health bar. All content provided by the Bronze and Silver clubs is also included in this bundle.

The three bundles to choose from for every player (Image via Valve)
The three bundles to choose from for every player (Image via Valve)

The bundles can be bought in-game using the Steam Wallet. Their prices are:

  • Bronze Club – $2
  • Silver Club – $10
  • Gold Club – $20

What does this mean for the Battle Pass?

Valve’s announcement regarding upcoming content (Image via Valve)

Unfortunately for Dota 2 fans, Valve has hinted at the possibility that there might not be a Battle Pass in 2021.

The International 10 Battle Pass was released in 2020, and the community raised $40 million for the TI10 last year.

As a result, Valve has officially announced that there won’t be any crowdfunding events this year since that amount remains unused.

“To start, we’ll be shipping two separate events over the coming months instead of one overarching summer event.”

This excerpt from Valve’s notes basically confirms that 2021 won’t have a proper Battle Pass.

Instead, smaller events are scheduled to be spread across the year to compensate for the absence of a proper BP. The first notable event, possibly the leaked Greeviling event, was announced for mid-late June.

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