Resident Evil Village Mask Locations – All 4 Masks for the Hall of Four Puzzle

Resident Evil Village Mask Locations – All 4 Masks for the Hall of Four Puzzle

With Resident Evil Village launching amid much fanfare, players are looking to scrape every piece of content from Capcom’s latest and greatest. Featuring a range of collectibles and side objectives, Resident Evil Village’s Masks are an element that has been eluding players since launch. Here’s the location for all four masks in Resident Evil Village that are required to solve the Hall of the Four puzzle.

Warning: Event spoilers for Resident Evil Village ahead.

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All 4 Resident Evil Village Mask Locations

To complete the Hall of Four puzzle, players must collect and place four masks on the faceless statues to escape Castle Dimitrescu.

The Mask of Sorrow

To get the Mask of Sorrow, players must first collect the Maroon Eye and a Courtyard Key

Get the Maroon Eye

  • The Maroon Eye Ring can be collected after the scripted event where Lady Dimitrescu’s daughter chases Ethan.
  • The item can be acquired while escaping through a tunnel and must be interacted with to acquire. Placing this in the door to the Dressing Room area

Get the Courtyard Key

  • After fighting one of Lady Dimitrescu’s daughters in the cold room, players must pick up the Sanguis Virginis wine in the Kitchen.
  • Placing the wine on a pedestal at the Wine Room, players can then open the chest to get the Courtyard Key.

Mask of Sorrow location

  • Enter the Courtyard by heading through the Main Hall (1F) to the Dining Room. Use your Courtyard key to open the door opposite you on your right.
  • Head straight ahead and enter the silver door in the corner of the Courtyard on your right.
  • Enter the Hall of Ablution and complete the statue puzzle: The rich and poor woman need to be facing each other, the three men facing the man on a horse, and the man on the horse facing the side of the poor woman.
  • Head through the wine-soaked basement and take the elevator to the balcony. Save in the room to your left before crossing the bridge, as it breaks.
  • Take Dimitrescu’s Key hanging on the candelabra on the wall to your left as you come into Dimitrescu’s chambers.
  • Return to your severed hand to escape Lady D in the basement encounter and you’ll come across the Mask of Sorrow.

Mask of Joy location

  • Players must use the Iron Insignia Key to access the Library after completing the piano puzzle.
  • Defeat the daughter there and collect the mask from the statue at the end of the Hall of Joy.

Mask of Rage location

  • After completing the bell puzzle players must go to the Attic and walk out onto the balcony
  • Moving up to the slanted roof, players must go up the stairs to arrive at the Belfry.
  • Taking the zipline to the Tower of Rage will grant players the fourth mask.

To complete the Resident Evil Village’s Hall of Four puzzle, players must place them in the following order.

  • Place the Mask of Sorrow on the left-most statue
  • Place the Mask of Pleasure on the centre-left statue
  • Place the Mask of Joy on the centre-right statue
  • Place the Mask of Rage on the right-most statue

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