Is Your Car Insurance Due For Renewal ? Here’s What You Need To Do


If you want to continue enjoying the extensive benefits under your car insurance policy, you must renew the policy on time. Failing to renew your policy before the expiration date will lead to losing accrued policy benefits and coverage. Moreover, driving on Indian roads without a valid car insurance plan will lead to hefty fines and/or imprisonment (in extreme cases).

What you need to understand is to renew your car insurance plan if it is due for renewal. Now, insurers in India provide the renewing of car insurance online via their official website. Let us first take you through the details that you will need when renewing your car insurance plan.

Details Required When Renewing Car Insurance Policy

Here’s the list of information that you will need when renewing your car insurance policy online.

  • Full name of the policyholder
  • Residential address
  • Make and model of the car
  • Car registration number
  • Existing policy details
  • Add-on covers (if any)
  • Payment details

Once you have this information handy, proceed to renew your car insurance plan online. Follow the steps below to renew your car insurance policy successfully.

Steps to Renew Car Insurance Policy Online

Following are the five steps to renew your car insurance policy online. Take a look!

  • Research Different Car Insurance Plans

For those who are not satisfied with their car insurance coverage can consider switching from their existing insurer to a new one at the time of policy renewal. Therefore, researching different car insurance plans available in the market becomes vital. 

Besides, you can consider researching what’s new in the car insurance market and see whether your insurer offers the same. Base your research on reviews by other customers, the claim settlement ratio of the insurer, and the coverage they offer. 

  • Finalise Your Car Insurance Policy

Whether you want to switch your insurer or stick to your existing one, this is when you should have finalised your decision. You can either buy a third party car insurance plan or comprehensive car insurance plan. Between the two, comprehensive car insurance provides extensive coverage (covers third-party liabilities + damage to own vehicle). 

Thus, it is highly recommended to buy comprehensive car insurance such as Bajaj Car Insurance. Proceed to visit the official website of your chosen insurer and go to the ‘Car Insurance’ section.

  • Enter Necessary Details

Once you have decided the type of coverage you need at the time of car insurance renewal, proceed to fill out the requested details. 

  • Choose Add-On Covers

With a comprehensive car insurance plan, you can enhance the coverage of the policy with add-on covers. At this step, choose your desired add-on covers (existing and new ones) that will be included in your renewed car insurance plan. Note that each add-on cover you choose will cost you extra on your basic premium amount. Therefore, it is wise to opt for the ones that will come in handy.

  • Make Online Payment

Proceed to pay the car insurance premium payment to complete the renewal process. You can securely pay online through the payment gateway provided by the insurer. Once the payment is successful, the renewed car insurance policy will be issued and active shortly. 


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