Pakistan News| Know about the woman who married her husband’s killer; Then took revenge in a dangerous way. Women Marry husband’s killer to take revenge in Pakistan

Pakistan News| Know about the woman who married her husband’s killer; Then took revenge in a dangerous way. Women Marry husband’s killer to take revenge in Pakistan

Women Marry husband's killer to take revenge in Pakistan

Woman married to husband’s killer; Then took revenge like this&nbsp


  • A woman hatches a unique conspiracy to avenge her husband’s murder
  • Woman married by trapping her husband’s alleged killer in a love trap
  • One day, taking a chance, shot the husband with pistol bullets.

Islamabad: A woman makes such a plan to take revenge on her husband’s killer, which is surprising to everyone. No one could have imagined the web that the woman had woven to take revenge. The incident is from Bajaur district of Pakistan’s tribal area. Where a woman was trying to take revenge on her husband’s killer for the last three years and in a film style, she first trapped her husband’s killer in her love trap in such a way that both got married and later the woman did what she did. She had been waiting for years. The woman killed the man.

Woman’s husband murdered three years ago

After the murder, the woman was arrested by the police and sent to jail. According to BBC news, the woman’s husband had died three years ago. However, it was not clear whether he died a natural death or was murdered. The woman says that her husband was killed by his friend Gulistan by injecting poison. The police have not registered any case of murder or death.

Why was the case not registered
Police say the murder took place three years ago and there is no evidence that the woman’s husband was murdered. According to the police, when a man named Gulistan was shot dead a few days ago, the police started investigation. The police found Gulistan’s body lying on the bed covered in blood and was shot in the head. The police were also surprised to know what the woman told the police.

what did the woman say
The woman told that her husband used to work in Peshawar and his life playing with laughter was going on wonderfully. After having a daughter, more happiness came in their lives. The woman said, ‘My husband had a close friendship with a man named Gulistan. Whatever money he earned in Peshawar, he used to give to Gulistan saying that he needed it and he would give it back soon. After some time when my husband asked for the money citing his illness, Gulistan refused to return it saying that there is no money yet.

given injection of poison

According to the woman, after this the accused offered the woman’s husband to bring medicines on his behalf and he brought some medicines and injections. Gulistan gave an injection to the woman’s husband and told him to go home and eat the rest of the medicine. After taking the injection, the condition of the woman’s husband deteriorated and died after reaching the hospital. The woman came to know that Gulistan had given her husband an injection of poison after which he died.

took revenge like this

After this the woman prepared a plan of revenge and trapped him in her love trap. Gulistan was already married but the woman trapped him in her beauty so much that he agreed to get married. After this, when Gulistan and the woman started living in a place on rent. When Gulistan bought a pistol for protection while living alone in a rented house, the woman got her wish. One night while sleeping, the woman shot the accused with two bullets. At present the woman is behind the bars of the jail.

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