Taliban-Afghanistan Crisis: Sad Revelation.. A young footballer was also among those who fell from the American ship

Taliban-Afghanistan Crisis: Sad Revelation.. A young footballer was also among those who fell from the American ship

Zaki Anwari, Fall from C-17 US Military Plane

Jaki Anwari, C-17 American Ship&nbsp | &nbspPhoto Credits:&nbspTwitter


  • Afghanistan-Taliban dispute, Afghans continue to flee the country
  • A young footballer was also among those killed while trying to escape by boarding a plane in fear of the Taliban.
  • Video of C-17 US military ship from Kabul airport went viral

Taliban Afghanistan Refugee Crisis: Ever since the terrorist organization Taliban has been captured in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, dreadful scenes are being seen everywhere there. Afghan citizens trying to flee the country are ready to go to any extent. A video that went viral just a few days ago surprised everyone, in which people running with a US military plane taking off at Kabul airport and some people holding the plane were seen. Later, a video of people falling from the sky when the plane took off also surfaced. The latest news is that there was also a young footballer among them.

On Monday, when America’s C-17 military plane was going to takeoff from Kabul Airport, a large number of people ran behind that plane. Some of them were hanging on the wheels and other parts of the ship. After some time they were seen falling from the sky to the ground. According to the latest revelations, among those who died was an Afghan youth footballer Zaki Anwari.

A Facebook page of the Afghan football team has revealed the death and cause of this player. It has a picture of Zaki Anwar paying tribute to him. Zaki Anwari was a talented footballer who was also a part of the Afghanistan national youth football team.

Significantly, after the capture of Taliban in Kabul, since August 16, sad news is being heard continuously from different corners of Afghanistan.

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Most of it is related to those people who do not want to live under the rule of this terrorist organization and want to leave the country. The Afghan army has surrendered and the Taliban have captured all the administrative offices to the grounds and other important places.

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