Vehicle Scrappage Policy. What is the scrap policy, which was launched by PM Modi, know when your car and bike will become junk

Vehicle Scrappage Policy.  What is the scrap policy, which was launched by PM Modi, know when your car and bike will become junk

Vehicle Scrappage Policy. What is the scrap policy, which was launched by PM Modi, know when your car and bike will become junk


PM Modi launches vehicle scrappage policy

Fitness centers will open across the country&nbsp


  • In the scrappage policy, after 20 years private vehicles and after 15 years commercial vehicles will become junk.
  • After the stipulated time, the vehicle owners will have to take the fitness certificate of their vehicle.
  • Buying a new vehicle on scrap certificate can give a discount of 4-6 per cent in prices.

New Delhi. Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday launched the scrap policy for vehicles. During the Investor Summit being held in Gujarat, Modi said
Scrap policy is very important for the development of India. He also urged the youth and startups to participate in this programme. Also said, the scrap policy will provide jobs to the youth and startups will also get business opportunities. This policy is being considered very important to promote the automobile industry and reduce pollution and reduce road accidents in India. Let us know what is the scrap policy-

Why was the scrap policy launched?

According to the statement given by Road Transport and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari in the Lok Sabha on March 18, “India has 51 lakh light motor vehicles older than 20 years and 34 lakh light motor vehicles older than 15 years. Apart from this, there are about 17 lakh medium and There are heavy commercial vehicles, which are more than 15 years old and do not have valid fitness certificates. Old vehicles pollute the environment 10 to 12 times more than fitted vehicles and also pose a threat to road safety ” The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has launched “Vehicle Scraping Policy” for the safety and clean environment of the vehicular and pedestrian people on the roads. Which will be a program of modernization of vehicles voluntarily. Through this, the government is expected to generate additional investment of about 10 thousand crore rupees and 35,000 job opportunities.

How will fitness be determined?

Vehicles will be scrapped in two ways. Under this, for commercial vehicles, renewal of fitness certificate of automatic fitness center and registration of private vehicles will be considered as the basis. Vehicles failing the fitness test or failing to get their registration certificate renewed will be declared over. And they will be treated as scrap. The fitness of the vehicle will be assessed mainly on the basis of tests on various parameters including emission testing, braking, safety equipment and many more.

Vehicles that are 15-20 years old will become junk

These rules for private vehicles – The registration of private vehicles found unfit will be canceled after 20 years. Similarly, an increased registration fee will be charged after 15 years to reduce the use of old vehicles.

These rules for commercial – According to the policy, if a commercial vehicle fails to obtain the fitness certificate, then its registration will be canceled after 15 years. Apart from this, vehicles whose registration has completed 15 years. They will have to pay a higher fee to get the fitness certificate. In this case their registration date will be calculated from the first registration date. The reason for keeping the fees high is to remove old vehicles from the roads.

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How much money will you get for old car

(1) The scrap price paid by the scrapping center for an old vehicle shall be approximately 4-6% of the ex-showroom price of a new vehicle.
(2) State governments may allow road tax rebates up to 25 per cent for private vehicles and 15 per cent for commercial vehicles to owners of scrap vehicles.
(3) A discount of 5 percent can also be given on the purchase of a new vehicle vehicle.
(4) In addition, there may also be a provision to waive off the registration fee for the purchase of a new vehicle in lieu of a scrapping certificate.

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