Check Free Fire Clash Squad Tricks, Clash Squad Thumbnail and Free Fire Thumbnail

Check Free Fire Clash Squad Tricks, Clash Squad Thumbnail and Free Fire Thumbnail

Free Fire Clash Squad Thumbnail

Along with the introduction of Clash Squad Rank Season 1 on 4 June 2020, the developers of Free Fire game made many changes to the Clash Squad mode. Teh changes include a penalty system for leaving the matches in-between and Kalahari map in the mode. The developers have bought back an old game mode called ‘Clash Squads’. This feature is more interesting as playing any game alongside friends is fun and more interesting.

Free Fire Clash Squad

Free Fire Clash Squad is a Team Death Match style game. There will be two teams namely Warbringers and Howlers, with four players in each team. There will be a total of seven rounds, and the first team to win four rounds emerges victorious in the match.

Clash Squad is all about teamwork. Good communication and expects a well-balanced approach is expected among players. It also expects an understanding of the strategy by each player combined with team spirit can win you the game and lift the title.

What are the Criteria of Penalty In Clash Squad Rank Mode?

The Criteria of Penalty In Clash Squad Rank Mode:

  • If the players disconnect from Free Fire and successfully reconnect within 120 seconds, there will be no penalty.
  • If the players get disconnected from Free Fire and reconnect after 120 seconds, the Clash Squad Rank match will be counted as a loss, even if the CS team wins the match. All the player’s account will be marked with 1 AFK count.
  • If the players are online in the game, but not performing any action for more than 120 seconds, the CS Rank match will be counted as a loss, even if your team wins the match. Your account will also be marked with 1 Away From Keyboard (AFK) count.

How to play a Free Fire Clash Squad match?

You have to follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Open Free Fire game and click on the mode change option, as shown in the picture down below.
Step 2: Three options appear namely Solo, Duo, and Squad. 
Step 3: Click on Squad.
Step 3: Then, select the map that you want to play in and press the start button to commence a squad match.
You can also increase intense battles, you can disable the auto-match option and play Solo vs Squad matches.

How to invite friends in Clash Squad?

In Clash squad, players can invite friends to play along with during squad matches. Players are suggested to follow the steps given below to invite them:

Step 1: Click on Invite option on the main screen of Free Fire
Step 2: A list of in-game friends will appear on the screen. 
Step 3: Click on the ‘+’ button to invite the desired friend.
Step 4: When your friends accept the invitation, they will be added to the lobby. 
Step 5: Click on the “Start” button to and enjoy playing the game.

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