Suriaya Birthday: Devanand went with the police inspector to meet Suraiya, the last meeting took place on the roof of the house

Suriaya Birthday: Devanand went with the police inspector to meet Suraiya, the last meeting took place on the roof of the house

Devanand, Suraiyya

Devanand, Suraiyya&nbsp


  • Today is the birthday of the most beautiful actress of Indian cinema, Suraiya.
  • The mention of Suraiya is incomplete without Devanand.
  • Suraiya and Devanand were about to get married at one time in the shooting itself.

Mumbai. Today (June 15) is the 92nd birthday of the most beautiful actress and singer Suraiya in the history of Indian cinema. Suraiya’s full name was Suraiya Jamal Sheikh. Suraiya was born in Karachi (Pakistan). Suraiya made her debut at the age of six in the year 1936 with the film Madam Fashion.

The mention of Suraiya is incomplete without Devanand. Devanand and Suraiya first met on the sets of the film Jeet. Both were about to get married at one time, but due to different religions, their maternal grandmother was strictly against this relationship.

Suraiya and Devanand’s love started with an accident. The shooting of the scene of the film Vidya was being done on the boat. Then the boat overturned and Suraiya started drowning in the water. Devanand swam fast and saved them.

The Divine But Doomed Love Story of Dev Anand And Suraiya - Bollyy |  DailyHunt

The marriage was about to happen during the shooting of the film.
The work of Suraiya was handled by his maternal grandmother and maternal uncle. Suraiya’s maternal grandmother had told him in clear words that he should not talk to Devanand at all after the shooting. Strongly upset by the family members, the two decide that they will get married in real during the film’s scene.

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Devanand and Suraiya’s wedding scene was being filmed in the shooting of the film Jeet. He called the real Pandit who was the real mantra reciter. Then an assistant director gave this news to Suraiya’s maternal grandmother. Suraiya’s grandmother dragged her from the set and took her to the house forcibly.

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such was the last meeting
Devanand wrote the story of his last meeting with Suraiya in his biography Romancing with life. Devanand called Suraiya’s house. Suraiya’s mother picked up the phone. Suraiya’s mother told that Suraiya wants to meet him. If he wants to meet her, he should reach the roof of his house the next day.

According to Devanand, ‘After hearing about the meeting on the roof of the house, I thought whether it was a conspiracy to implicate me? What if I am caught? This news will be published in the newspapers the next day. I might even get arrested. Then I thought I can only trust Suraiya’s mother.

Dev Anand and Suraiya Love Story

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took the police along
Dev further writes, ‘I decided to go there for the sake of my love, but I took my friend Tara with me, who was an inspector in the Bombay Police.’ When Devanand reached the terrace, Suraiya was already waiting for him.–5YGI4

According to Dev, ‘We did not say anything to each other for a long time. After this I hugged Suraiya. Then I kissed her. I will never forget that kiss. After that she started crying bitterly. I said – will you marry me? She took me loudly in her arms and started saying I love you again and again.

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