Top 5 Support Combos in Dota 2 Patch 7.29c

Top 5 Support Combos in Dota 2 Patch 7.29c

The support role is extremely underrated and often disregarded in Dota 2, especially in low MMR brackets. However, it is often these unnoticed support heroes who can turn the outcome of a team fight with a well-timed ability.

This article features the top five support hero combos that can be lethal and provide control at almost any point in the game of Dota 2.

Top 5 Support Hero combos in Dota 2 patch 7.29c

#5 Disruptor and Earthshaker

Disruptor has some incredible zoning abilities. He can use Glimpse to bring a target to where they was 4 seconds ago. Kinetic field keeps heroes inside a wall they escape, and his ultimate, Static Storm, silences the opponents inside the AoE.

If the Disruptor can hold 2 opponents in the Kinetic field, he can expect the Earthshaker to get in with a thunderous Echo-slam.

#4 Grimstroke and Lion

Grimstroke has a devastating ultimate, which allows any point-target spell to be cast on two heroes. All of Lion’s abilities are point targeted spells, and two of them are very good disables.

Hex turns the targeted unit into a frog. Earthspike is a stun which lasts for 2.6 seconds at level 4. Mana Drain drains Mana from the targeted enemies and Finger of Death is the ultimate which does devastating magic damage burst. All three of these spells can be cast on two enemies in a fight, which can potentially turn a team fight.

#3 Disruptor and Techies

Techies is one of the most annoying heroes to deal with in the game. They have the ability to dish out enormous amounts of Magical damage in a fixed AoE.

As discussed earlier in the article, Disruptor has disgusting zoning abilities, thus making him an excellent set-up to not let enemies escape the Area of Effect of a Techies’ Remote Mine, or a Blast Off.

#2 Witch Doctor and Lina

Witch Doctor’s Maledict causes enemies to take damage at regular intervals while under its effect. The amount of damage is dealt bursts over that period of time.

Lina has three spells, all of which deal damage and her ultimate, Laguna Blade, is a burst of magical damage.

If combined, Maledict, Laguna Blade and Witch Doctor’s ultimate Death Ward, any hero can be killed at any point in Dota 2.

#1 Lich and Earth Spirit

Earth Spirit, in Dota 2, has a plethora of spells, like Geomagnetic Grip, Boulder Smash, Magnetize, etc, which severely reduce the mobility of enemy heroes.

Lich has a devastating ultimate. His Chain Frost bounces between enemy heroes to deal damage. With each bounce, Chain Frost deals more damage.

This combination can have a devastating effect in a team-fight of Dota 2, thus making it a beautiful combo.

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