Best Sniper Rifles to use in COD Mobile Season 3

Best Sniper Rifles to use in COD Mobile Season 3

Sniping is the most exciting part of any online Shooter game, and COD Mobile is no different. In a seriously action-packed game like COD Mobile, it is often tough to master the Sniper Rifles. Once players have mastered Sniper Rifles, sniping can prove to be an addictive aspect of the game.

Players can easily score ‘One Shot One Kill’ medals, and some can score two kills with just one shot. Sniper Rifles give the most satisfying headshot kills whether it’s long-range, mid-range, or even close-range. Mastery and overall power of the weapon is key, as with a decent SR, players can literally toy with their opponents.

This article will talk about the top 5 SRs currently available in COD Mobile Season 3 so that players can make a wise choice.

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Top 5 Sniper Rifles in COD Mobile Season 3

Players can find a wide range of SRs in COD Mobile, so they should go for a more balanced option to employ in their loadout. Here’s the list of the top 5 Snipers in COD Mobile:

#5 DL Q33

DL Q33 Rifle (Image via Activision)
DL Q33 Rifle (Image via Activision)

DL Q33 comes in fifth in this list because of the decent damage rate with uncontrollable recoil. Players can easily kill enemies at a closer range with one shot, but their chances of survival reduce if they miss it.

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This gun is good for camping in BR mode of COD Mobile, while in MP mode, players can use it with hipfire no-scope mode to get ‘One Shot One Kill.’

#4. Outlaw

Outlaw serves as an update to DL Q33 except for range (Image via Activision)
Outlaw serves as an update to DL Q33 except for range (Image via Activision)

An obvious upgrade from DL-Q33, this gun is a better in terms of control, but the same recoil problems are its downfall. It certainly lags behind the upcoming weapons in this list.

The gun is a typical camping weapon for COD Mobile’s BR mode and can be employed as a decent choice for MP mode loadout.

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#3. M21 EBR

This gun sorts out the control issues evident in previous guns as the recoil is surprisingly low. In BR mode, M21 EBR can be employed to easily finish off approaching enemies that are far away. Still, a comparatively lesser damage rate makes it tough to score ‘One Shot, One Kill’ in MP mode, and it usually takes two clean shots to kill a close enemy.

#2. Arctic .50

Arctic .50 is a beast and a weapon that resides on everyone’s top 5 list. The reason is the high damage rate and decent control. This weapon, along with suitable attachments, is a death warrant for the opponents. Players can easily execute two kills with one shot after some mastery.

Whether it’s BR mode camping, or MP Mode rush, if any player comes across Arctic .50, it is foolish to ignore this weapon unless they have already acquired the number one weapon from this list.

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#1. Locus

The number one on this list, Locus, is the definition of an overpowered beast. The gun boasts top-notch control, stability, and a deadly damage rate. The fire rate can be the only weakness on paper, but in real fights, the fire rate doesn’t really matter when players can kill multiple enemies with one shot.

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