Negative from Corona but not able to taste or smell anything know what to do

Negative from Corona but not able to taste or smell anything know what to do

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  • People lost their ability to smell and taste during the corona virus
  • Many people did not taste it even after being corona negative
  • Taste and smell may take a year to return: Study

New Delhi: One of the major symptoms of corona virus is loss of taste. Many corona infected do not get any test and many lose their ability to smell. Many times it also happens that people become negative due to corona positive, but even after this their test and smell do not come back. So the question is whether there is a need to worry about it.

According to ‘Akashvani News’, Dr. Raman Sharma of SMS Medical College, Jaipur told that if someone does not get test and smell even after recovering from corona infection, then do not worry. It’s not a big problem. This may take from a few days to a few months. Because when the virus affects our nervous system, the test and small are gone. But gradually it will become normal. Keep your routine the way it is, ie eat healthy food, do light exercise, drink plenty of water.

Taste and smell may take a year to return: Study

A recent research has revealed that it can take a year for the ability to smell and taste lost in the corona to return. After being infected with this epidemic spread from the beginning of the year 2020, problems of smell and taste were seen in people. It had a great impact on people’s lives. According to the study published Thursday in JAMA Network Open, researchers from the University Hospitals of Strasbourg in France observed 97 patients with corona who had lost their ability to taste and smell for a full year. A survey was conducted on these every four months.

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51 out of 97 patients were asked to take serious care of themselves so that they could report it to the researchers as soon as they regained the ability to smell or taste. In the eighth month, 49 out of 51 patients found that they were completely cured. Their ability to smell and taste has returned. Of the two remaining patients, one who had not fully recovered was able to smell, but not properly. The second patient was not able to smell even till the end of the research. While the remaining 46 Kovid patients did not undergo objective testing. He reported a full recovery after a full year.

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