Father’s day 2021: read a hindi poem dedicated to all fathers

Father’s day 2021: read a hindi poem dedicated to all fathers

'Father, what should I write for you', read a touching poem on Father's Day (Credits: iStock)

‘Father, what should I write for you’, read a touching poem on Father’s Day (Credits: iStock)&nbsp

New Delhi : Today, Father’s Day is being celebrated in many countries of the world including India. This special day dedicated to the father’s love, sacrifice, is celebrated every year on the third Sunday of June. Although every day is special between a father and his child, but there is a different enthusiasm about Father’s Day and people celebrate it in different ways. On this occasion, read a touching poem dedicated to father ‘Father, what should I write for you’:

‘Father, what should I write for you’

what should i write for you
who never understood
That’s all I understood,
making agreements,
For us,
of your happiness,
of your wishes,
keep repressing,
Don’t know how the shoulders are,
never get tired
carrying the burden,
like Shiva,
to do for welfare
Emancipation Prana Continuous,
when scolded,
it felt bad
that’s why you stop
on everything?
at the slightest mistake,
give so much punishment,
Yes, how cruel?
never mercy?
After all our wishes
no value,
decision in everything,
Do they have a right?
their own dreams,
means of completion,
are we?
All these questions
Searching for answers
childhood passed,
In the youth days of struggle,
When resolutions are broken,
came the storms,
then realized that
why kill emotions
had taught,
Why your scolding
by shield,
was made so strong,
It’s not his cruelty
to a stone,
to make a grand statue,
His craft was
One such artist
who knew that,
without hurt,
can’t be
beautiful statue,
Judgment not by knowledge,
are drawn from experiences,
Because knowledge is bookish,
and experience,
reality of the world
result of,
That’s why his every decision,
who felt
wrong at that time,
proved right,
with the passage of time,
They didn’t carry their dreams,
but used to show dreams,
so that somewhere we
in the dark alleys of relaxation
don’t get lost,
Today when I became a father,
then go,
Every father is like this,
because he has
procreation, flowering,
of Pallavan,
limitless responsibility,
That’s why he can’t sit
ever calmly,
go today,
that my father was right,
at every step,
because of them,
Just by following in the footsteps of the map,
I can lift
this responsibility,
Otherwise, when would you have bowed down?
my shoulders,
As time is passing,
and coming,
The evening of life is near,
I know this way,
that how great
happens father,
Because the father

(This poem is written by Shyam Sunder Pathak ‘Anant’, who is Assistant Commissioner in the State Tax Department in Noida, Uttar Pradesh)

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