Free Cosmic Bounty Hunter and MAG-7 Hurricane weapon loot crate

Free Cosmic Bounty Hunter and MAG-7 Hurricane weapon loot crate

Free Fire has a variety of attractive gun skins that also buff the attributes of the firearm. These can often be obtained via crates, the luck royale, and even through numerous events. It also usually requires diamonds that are not always available to players, and therefore, they look for an alternative.

Garena regularly releases redeem codes, providing players with numerous free items, which often include gun crates. They can randomly obtain various skins as rewards from these crates.

Here is the new Free Fire redeem code for the Europe server that provides multiple gun crates.

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Free Fire redeem codes for today (May 5th)

Redeem code: 8QW6TDX2D8A4

Reward: Cosmic Bounty Hunter Weapon Loot Crate and MAG-7 Hurricane Delivery Weapon Loot Crate

The code will be valid for the next few hours, and hence, players must use it as soon as possible to claim the rewards.

Note: The redeem code only works for the European region. Players from other areas cannot claim rewards using it. The following error will be displayed to those trying to use the redeem codes from other than the specified server.

“Failed to redeem. This code cannot be used in your region.”

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Obtaining loot crates using Free Fire redeem codes

Before going ahead, it is essential to note that players cannot redeem the rewards with guest accounts. Hence, they must consider binding their accounts with one of the available platforms, including Facebook, VK, Google, Huawei ID, Apple ID, and Twitter.

Players must first log in to their accounts
Players must first log in to their accounts

Step 1: Players need to head to the game’s official rewards redemption site using this link.

Step 2: Next, they must log in using the platform linked to their IDs.

Tap on the okay button
Tap on the okay button

Step 3: Once logged in, users have to enter the given code in the text field and press the confirm button. A pop-up appears, and they should tap the ok button.

The rewards will be sent to users within a day. All items except currencies can be collected directly from the mail section.

If an error stating that the code is invalid or redeemed is encountered while using the code, it is likely that the code has expired and cannot be used further.

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