Hindi Harvard Healthy Meal Platter | Hindi Harvard Healthy Meal Platter

Hindi Harvard Healthy Meal Platter | Hindi Harvard Healthy Meal Platter

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Hindi Harvard Healthy Meal Platter


  • Balanced diet is closely related to our body
  • You can keep yourself healthy with a balanced diet
  • Howard’s team has designed a healthy plate

New DelhiIt is an old debate that which diet is healthy? Which food is better and healthier for your health. What is a healthy diet or a healthy diet? Actually one thing is very clear that our health rests on whatever food we take. The more vitamins and minerals you have in your diet, the better your health will be. That is, like your diet, so is your health.

Now the question also arises that what should be the plate of the diet, what should be in it. How to structure or design a food platter so that all of the essentials are included. Harvard researchers ie Harvard researchers worked on it and they released a healthy plate that what should be in your food. That is, what foods should we include in our food plate as an ideal plate.

What should be in your food?

Howard’s team designed this healthy dinner plate. It says, use the plate as a guide, eat mostly vegetables, fruits and whole grains, healthy fats and healthy proteins. But other than that, say no to sweetened beverages, opt for plain drinking water instead. Most importantly, remember that it is important to stay active and maintain a healthy weight.

Let’s take a look at what should be in your ideal plate of food that is essential for your health. that Described under Harvard Healthy Eating Plate.

Oatmeal is a must

howard In this report, porridge is one of the nutritionally rich foods that all of us in India are familiar with. Some people cook it with salt and spices like upma, others make sweet dishes like kheer (porridge). Oatmeal also contains roughage and is very good for your health.

abstain from red meat

Fish, poultry, beans and nuts are all sources of healthy protein – they can be added to salads and pair well with vegetables on a plate. Eat less red meat, and avoid processed meats like bacon and sausage. This is stated under the instruction.

Take care of milk and dairy products

Limit milk and dairy products to one to two times per day. Fruit juices are no good when it comes to nutrients as they lack fiber which is more in whole fruits. It is advisable to take it up to a small glass per day. Drink tea, coffee or plain water. That is, it is better to eat whole fruits than fruit juices.

Along with being in weight control, exercise is also important.

Keeping weight under control and staying active is also important. If you are not burning calories well then all the diets in the world are useless for you. The Harvard report says that the exercise you do is a significant contributor to physical and mental health conditions for people of all ages. It is also true that in the midst of a hectic lifestyle and an environment that forces one to be sedentary for many hours of the day. Therefore it is very important to burn calories with diet.

Your health is related to diet

Of course, it is everyone’s desire to be healthy. But for this, along with improving your lifestyle, you have to make your plate healthy. It is more important than how much we exercise that your diet should be adapted to the needs of your body. Of course, your lifestyle and healthy plate play a big role in your health, the importance of which cannot be denied. The better your diet, the healthier your health will be.

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