How soccer players invest in esports

For popular athletes and show business stars, investing in esports has long been the norm. At one time, the trend was picked up by such venerable guys from the world of basketball as Michael Jordan, Steph Curry, Kevin Durant, as well as boxer Mike Tyson, rapper Drake, actor Will Smith and musician The Weeknd.

By the way, esports are also becoming popular among gamblers and bettors. Most bookmakers already offer bets on esports events. For example, you can try making a live bet on 22Bet.

And what about people from the football world? Which famous footballers are investing in esports right now, and are there any at all? It turns out that there are very many, and their list is constantly growing. We have found out the details of several of the most famous cases.


Back in 2017, he “bought the chip” and invested in the popular e-sports organization CNB. The iconic footballer in the past bought out half of the esports club, along with two partners with whom he struck up close business ties at poker tournaments – Andre Akkari and Igor Trafane Federal.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

The Swedish striker of Milan is generally about investments, and with stakes in several sports projects and even one of the bookmakers in his homeland, Zlatan once invested in a platform for esports tournaments called Challengermode. This company has received about $ 12 million from Ibra and other investors led by Alibaba and is now trying to achieve global goals – to help brands and creators attract audiences and increase monetization.

David Beckham

Well, where can one go without him in matters such as investment and innovation? In 2020, the English football icon invested in the US-based esports organization Guild Esports. According to Beckham, his plans in the esports industry are very ambitious, and soon the whole world will talk about the teams representing Guild in various disciplines. For some reason, I believe in these statements.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

Perhaps it was Beckham who “whispered” to his ex-Manchester United partner, and now the head coach of the Red Devils, to invest in an esports project. Or maybe Solskjaer himself came up with this idea. Be that as it may, the Norwegian is now a shareholder and co-owner of ULTI Agency. Together with a partner, Solskjaer acquired 12.5% ​​each of the agency’s securities, which aims to develop and promote new esports stars.

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