How to Bet on the Cricket World Cup

How to Bet on the Cricket World Cup

We should commend you if you’re looking to learn the best strategy for betting on the Cricket World Cup. But, unfortunately, no one person, best player or not, knows everything about betting on the Cricket World Cup.

Even if you have wagered some bets in the past on the biggest international cricket tournaments, that’s nothing compared to this. You may even be a genuine expert in cricket betting, but you need to unlearn and relearn for the Cricket World Cup.

In this article, we will share the best strategies for betting on the Cricket World Cup. Cricket is one of the most popular sports among sports bettors; betting on the World Cup is trending today. If you want to bet on Cricket World Cup and win, keep reading for important details.

Understand the Cricket World Cup

The ICC (International Cricket Council) organized the Cricket World Cup, and men and women played in 50 and 20-overs formats. The Men’s cricket world cup is well-known and most preferred among cricket fans and bettors worldwide. The Cricket World Cup is a time when you witness the remarkable performance of players featuring twelve teams. The thirteenth edition of the tournament is scheduled to be held from October to November 2023.

2023 may seem like a lifetime away, but it also means plenty of time to prepare yourself. You have ample opportunity and time to study the competition and get your Cricket World Cup predictions right. However, England beat New Zealand in the 2019 finale by a breadth of margins and is aiming to retain its crown in 2023.

However, Australia is a five-time champion that will always be among the favorites at top betting sites. Other teams to watch out for at the 2023 tournament are the former winners India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and West Indies.

Choose Your Betting Site

Not every betting site offers you a chance to bet on the Cricket World Cup. Thus, if you’re betting on the tournament, you have enough time until it takes place to choose your site.

As with betting on any cricket tournament, the Cricket World Cup betting site should be standard and safe at best. Even though not all betting sites offer the option, there are countless that do, so finding a good site shouldn’t be hard.

Read the Odds

You may want to read the World Cup Cricket match odds to better your chances of earning real winnings. It is like reading the odds of any other major spot, where a money-line bet is the most popular option. Odds are listed with pluses and minuses (+ and -), where the positive and negative signs mean something. So, for example, if you have Australia as -170 and South Africa as +100, Australia is the favorite, while South Africa is the underdog.

Other odds listing formats include decimal odds (1.6) and fractional odds (3/4). You’ll multiply your potential return by the listed odds in the decimal odds. On the other hand, fractional odds represent the amount you’ll win compared to what you’ll have to bet in a ratio.

Matching Winner and Innings Runs

Match winner is a popular betting method called “double chance” cricket bets. In this betting method, a bettor can wager on a team to draw or win. This betting method is the easiest option for beginner bettors and casual fans looking to add some stakes and win their cricket bet.

Meanwhile, you can also bet on the runs in an inning in the cricket world cup tournament. In this case, you can choose to bet on the exact number of runs or OVER or UNDER the predicted runs. Normally, the sportsbook you’re betting with sets the numbers, and you’re betting against it. The Cricket World Cup has only two innings, and each cricket team bats only once.

Betting on Player and Team Total

You can also wager on the total runs an individual player or the team scored in the tournament. Again, the betting site sets the player totals and sides, and fans can get either wager OVER or UNDER them.

Sportsbooks sometimes list if a player will reach 100 runs (a century) or fifty runs (half a century) separately. Meanwhile, some allow bettors to bet on the total runs an open pairing scored.

Cricket Prop Bets

Very few cricket bettors know about bets not dependent on the results of a tournament. A good way to increase your chance of winning the bet is by betting on the outcomes of these prop bets.

These bets include the best bowler, best batsman, the man of the match in the game, and the side to hit the most sixes or boundaries. There’s also the option of betting on the first dismissal mode – whether bowled, runout, catch, or others.


Betting on big cricket tournaments like the Cricket World Cup has many benefits, including the many diverse betting markets. Every bettor knows that the more betting options, the better your chances of finding the sports betting value.

Moreover, betting on the CWC gives you different wagers, including the number of teams you can bet on. With these tips, you can enjoy wagering on the World Cup and increasing your chances of winning.