Kiara’s film Indoo Ki Jawani is based on dating app, Kuch Aisi Hai Kahani, Kiara advani starrer indoo ki jawani movie review in hindi

Kiara’s film Indoo Ki Jawani is based on dating app, Kuch Aisi Hai Kahani, Kiara advani starrer indoo ki jawani movie review in hindi

Indoo Ki jawani

Indoo Ki jawani&nbsp


  • Indu Ki Jawani is director Abir Sen Gupta’s first film.
  • This film made by keeping the dating app in the center has got two stars
  • Kiara Advani is seen in a great look in the film

Actress Kiara Advani’s new film Indu Ki Jawani, who became popular for her role of Preeti in the film Kabir Singh, has been released. The film, directed by Abir Sen Gupta, is considered important for Aditya Seal and Kiara Advani. Punjabi star Guru Randhawa has also appeared in this film, along with the songs of Mika Singh and Badshah in the film are also making it special. The film has been mostly shot in Uttar Pradesh and the story focuses on the dating app.


The story of the film is based on a boyfriend cheating on his girlfriend. Indu uses a dating app to find love when her boyfriend is cheated on. She manages to do so in search of a one-night stand, but the romantic evening turns into trouble for Indu (Kiara Advani). Actually let us tell you that Indira Gupta is very upset after the breakup, after which she looks for a boyfriend on the dating app ‘Dinder’ on the advice of her friend Sonal (Mallika Dua). Then she befriends a handsome boy Samar ie Aditya Seal, who comes to her house when she is alone and Kiara ie Indu gets into a lot of trouble.

The ten minutes of the film’s opening try to engage the audience. From the initial few scenes, it seems as if this film is a comic spy thriller, but after a while the whole story seems to be derailed. Then that thrill is no more throughout the film. From the elderly to the young boys, completely upset to get Indu’s attention. At the same time, an attempt has been made to show casual sexism in the film. However, knowingly or unknowingly in the film, Indu gets into a big trouble and she becomes a topic of discussion among Pakistanis.

In the film, Mallika Dua is once again seen in the stereotype of a small town girl. At the beginning of the film, she wants to attract the attention of the audience through her comedy and tries to bind her a bit, but once the film focuses on Kiara Advani’s house, she is unable to keep up with the story of the film. goes.

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Apart from this, there is no special chemistry between Kiara Advani and Aditya in the film. It seems that the director has forcibly tried to insert shirtless scenes in the film. Along with this, Kiara looks very brilliant in the film, but her comic timing in the film looks very weak. From the perspective of a comedy film, comedy is completely missing in this film of Abir Sen Gupta.

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