If you have luck, Amazon delivered 150 items without an order woman in usa

If you have luck, Amazon delivered 150 items without an order woman in usa

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A flurry of goods placed at home of American woman without order&nbsp

One woman was surprised when she found over 150 Amazon packages she hadn’t ordered. Packages were filled with mask brackets. Now, she is donating inventory to local hospitals. Jillian Kannan said packages started arriving on June 5. She initially thought that her business partner had ordered something for their studio. However, when he opened the boxes for condensate, he realized that they contained mask brackets.

Delivery of more than 150 packets
No online order was placed by the woman and any of her companions. When he checked the boxes again, he realized that his address was there but his name was not. He initially thought the package had been delivered to him by mistake, however when the number of packets exceeded he asked Amazon They then started arriving in our driveway by freight trucks on pallets. Before Amazon’s mistake was resolved, Kannan said it had received more than 150 packages containing thousands of mask bracelets.

There was a mistake in writing the address
The e-commerce company said that the recipient would get their own mask brackets and told Kannan that she could keep the packages that arrived at her home. Studio owner Kannan decided to use a child-sized bracelet to create a DIY mask kit to distribute to children at local hospitals. Amazon agreed to donate the rest of the supplies needed to make the kit to compensate for her inconvenience. Adult-sized brackets would also be donated to hospitals, he said.

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