Imran Khan’s Kashmir rage, will hold a plebiscite, the decision will be accepted, but ..

Imran Khan’s Kashmir rage, will hold a plebiscite, the decision will be accepted, but ..

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  • Imran Khan was addressing the people of Pak Occupied Kashmir
  • Imran said – will hold a plebiscite after independence
  • People of Kashmir would like to remain Pakistan or independent, both decisions will be accepted.

The world knows that a part of Kashmir is occupied by Pakistan which is called Pak Occupied Kashmir. Pakistan’s PM Imran Khan once again raised a rage on Kashmir. They talk about improving relations with India, but the tone of the conversation remains different. Imran Khan, while addressing the people of Pakistan Occupied Kashmir, said that when Kashmir becomes independent, he will hold a plebiscite, will take the opinion of the Kashmiri people whether they want to stay in Pakistan or become an independent country. Any decision of Kashmiris will be accepted by them. They want to tell that Kashmiri people fought against that oppressive Dogra Raj and you have a rich history.

Speaking during the AJK election 2021 rally in Tarar Khal, the Prime Minister said that UN resolutions in 1948 gave Kashmiris the right to decide their fate. He said, “Kashmiris had to be decided through plebiscite That they have to join India or Pakistan,” he said, adding that a day would come when the sacrifice of Kashmiris would prove fruitful and they would decide to go with Pakistan instead of India.

The Prime Minister rejected the notion given by PML-N leaders during the AJK election campaign that his government was planning to declare Azad Jammu and Kashmir as a province. At a campaign rally during the AJK election 2021, he said, ” I do not know where it has come from. Imran Khan said that he has raised the issue of Kashmir in global forums and will continue to do so.

He paid tributes to Syed Ali Geelani and Yasin Malik for their struggle against the atrocities committed in the occupied territory, saying, “I will tell the world that Pakistan stands with its Kashmiri brothers in their struggle for freedom. My message to Yasin Malik is to be patient and determined as victory nears.

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