China AI Robots: China is working on an AI robot to deal with the danger in the ocean

China AI Robots: China is working on an AI robot to deal with the danger in the ocean

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China is working on AI robots to deal with threats in the ocean (courtesy- SCPM)&nbsp


  • China is working on an AI robot to increase its power in the ocean
  • Work in this direction was started in Taiwan Strait from 2010.
  • Experts say that in the coming times, there will be a fight to capture the assets of the sea.

To eliminate threats at sea, China is reportedly working on an Artificial Intelligence (AI) that can hide under water and attack enemy ships without any human guidance. Last week Harbin Engineering According to some research papers from the university, China had developed unmanned underwater vehicles (UUVs) a decade ago and also successfully tested them using AI robots to find a dummy submarine and attack it with torpedoes.

China has been working in this direction since 2010.
China is said to have held in 2010 the Taiwan Strait, a disputed body of water that Beijing claims as its own. This saw the deployment of the UUV on a fixed course about 30 feet below the surface. Reportedly, the AI ​​robot was able to identify the location of the submarine, change course, encircle the target and then fire at the dummy with an unarmed torpedo.

Unmanned vehicle will have a special role
UUV used sonar and onboard sensors to acquire data, which were then analyzed by computers, to help accomplish the task. Professor Liang Guolong, who led the team of scientists during the research in 2010, wrote , “The need for future underwater warfare brings new development opportunities for unmanned platforms. Experts also say that the way the resources on land are getting scarce, then the sea is the only option, and the country which is facing the sea. He will take possession of the wealth and he will control the world in the coming time.

He who conquers the ocean will control the world
UUVs can be programmed to operate in a group and attack a target simultaneously. It should be noted that UUVs are already used by commercial shipping companies and some navies but they are never used in combat. has not been used. Experts say on this subject that the war in the sea is fought in a different way. Success in the battle on the surface of the sea will be achieved only by those who will have the ability to defeat the enemy country from the depths of the sea. If we look at the war capability from inside the sea, then America is ahead, so China feels that a change in warfare will have to be made to compete with the US.

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