iPhone City Rain China| China iPhones City Rain: Many provinces of China suffering from heaviest rain in 1,000 years, ‘i Phone City’ also in crisis, Heavy rains, floods in China after 1000 years see how iPhone City submerged

iPhone City Rain China| China iPhones City Rain: Many provinces of China suffering from heaviest rain in 1,000 years, ‘i Phone City’ also in crisis, Heavy rains, floods in China after 1000 years see how iPhone City submerged

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Traffic has come to a standstill in the city due to water logging at many places&nbsp | &nbspPhoto Credits:&nbspTwitter


  • Meteorologists said that there has been such heavy rain in 1000 years
  • Zhengzhou is the world’s largest producer of Apple iPhones
  • More than one lakh people were evacuated to safer places

New Delhi: President Xi Jinping on Wednesday had to deploy the army to rescue people trapped in ‘subways’, hotels and public places in the wake of the heaviest rain in China’s central Henan province in 1,000 years. At least 13 people have died in the rain and flood-related incidents and more than one lakh people have been evacuated. The situation arising out of the heavy rains has affected public places in Zhengzhou, the provincial capital with a population of 12.6 million and ‘ The subway tunnel was filled with water. Meteorologists say that such havoc of rain is rarely seen.

According to the official news agency ‘Xinhua’, Xi ordered the deployment of the People’s Liberation Army and asked all levels of officials to ensure the safety of the people as the flood situation in Zhengzhou city worsened. According to the news, ‘ The People’s Liberation Army Central Theater Command immediately sent troops to the affected Henan province, where a dam damaged by heavy rain is expected to collapse anytime.

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Crisis on ‘iPhone City’ too

Henan’s Zhengzhou city has the world’s largest iPhone manufacturing plant. Due to heavy rains, the entire city is in the grip of flood, due to which the company’s work has also been affected, production has been stopped for a few days. Zhengzhou in China is known as iPhone City. The PLA, on its official account on the social media platform Weibo, is known to have said that a 20-metre-long crack has appeared in the dam in Henan province’s Yichuan province and could collapse at any time.

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In a video shared on social media, passengers trapped in the ‘subway’ are seen scared as water reaches their necks. It is not known whether they were evicted or not. Some videos were also shared by the official media in which rescue teams are seen helping people trapped in the ‘subway’.

Videos have also surfaced of several vehicles getting washed away and people drowning in potholes on the road due to rain. Rain water entered the city’s ‘Line Five’ subway tunnel, trapping several passengers on a train. Henan’s provincial meteorological department said the provincial capital, Zhengzhou, received an average of 457.5 mm of rain in 24 hours on Tuesday. This is the highest rainfall in a single day since meteorological records were kept.

13 killed in flood-related accidents

More than one lakh people have been shifted to safer places. According to reports, the traffic in the city came to a standstill due to water logging at many places. More than 80 buses had to be suspended, more than 100 were diverted and ‘subway’ services have also been temporarily suspended. Police officials, fire brigade personnel and other local sub-district personnel were on the spot, the news said. Are engaged in rescue work. The water in the ‘subway’ is receding and passengers are safe for the time being. More than 160 trains were stopped at Zhengzhoudong Railway Station.

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260 to and from Zhengzhou airport canceled

260 flights to and from Zhengzhou airport have been cancelled. At the same time, the local railway officials have also stopped some trains or changed their timings. Electricity and drinking water services were also suspended at some places in the city affected by the storm. Henan Provincial and Zhengzhou Municipal Bureau of Meteorology has raised the level of emergency response for meteorological disasters to one. Heavy rain is expected in Henan till Wednesday night.

There has been such a heavy rain in 1000 years

Meteorologists said that such heavy rains have occurred in 1000 years. Because of this, there is no electricity even in hospitals. ‘Xinhua’ quoted President Xi as saying that the flood situation due to the rains is making it difficult. Huge amounts of water flooded Zhengzhou and other cities. The water is above the danger mark at some places and some dams have also been damaged. Train services have been suspended at some places and some flights have also been cancelled.

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