Israel Airstrike on Gaza: Israel attacks Gaza, tensions with Palestine likely to escalate again

Israel Airstrike on Gaza: Israel attacks Gaza, tensions with Palestine likely to escalate again

Israel Palestine ceasefire, Gaza attack, Israel's new PM Naftali Bennett,

Tensions with Palestine likely to escalate after Israeli attack on Gaza&nbsp


  • Palestine accuses Gaza of air strikes
  • Israel violates ceasefire – Palestine
  • Recently Israel and Palestine agreed on ceasefire

According to Palestinian security forces, Israel has carried out an airstrike on Gaza. It is being told that on Wednesday morning the terrorists from the Palestinian side sent incendiary balloons towards South Israel, after which Israel airstrike on Gaza. The Israeli military said its plane struck Hamas armed complexes in the Gaza Strip early Wednesday. This attack was in response to the ballooning fire from the Palestinian territory. It was used by terrorists taking refuge in the Gaza area.

the possibility of a bad relationship
However, after this incident, it seems that there has been no change in relations with Palestine. According to the news agency AFP, Israel has once again carried out an airstrike in Gaza. Hundreds of strong Israeli nationalists paraded in East Jerusalem to show their strength. The Israeli army says that it is ready to face any kind of situation. The kind of provocative action taken by Gaza will be responded to. After May 21, now once again air strikes and balloon bombs have sparked again between Israel and Gaza. The armistice was ended on 21 May. In the 11-day war, 260 Palestinians were killed and 13 Israelis were killed.

Change of power has happened in Israel
The Netanyahu era has come to an end with the 49-year-old leader of the right-wing Yamina party, Naftali Bennett, being sworn in as prime minister. Benjamin Netanyahu, who ruled Israel for 12 years, could not save his power. Naftali Bennett took over as Israel’s prime minister on Sunday. Experts say that no matter who is in power in Israel, there is not going to be any significant change in the stand of any party on the issue of Palestine.

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