Liver disease symptoms in body do not ignore know liver disease

Liver disease symptoms in body do not ignore know liver disease

Liver disease symptoms in body do not ignore know liver disease


 Know how to identify if liver damage (pic: Istock)

Know how to identify if liver damage (pic: Istock)&nbsp


  • Irregular routine and wrong diet can lead to liver disease.
  • As the problem progresses, there may be a risk of liver cirrhosis.
  • Liver problems can also cause inflammation in the body.

Liver Disease Symptoms : There is a risk of liver disease due to irregular routine, wrong eating, excessive consumption of alcohol and cigarettes etc. If the problem is severe, there is a risk of a disease called liver cirrhosis. Its known as fibrosis. It is caused due to various types of liver related problems such as hepatitis or excessive drinking. In such a situation the tissues are injured. Inflammation starts coming in them. If your body gives some special signs, then do not ignore it even after forgetting it because it can be due to liver disease.

Protein not made in the body

A healthy liver makes a protein with the help of vitamin K which is essential for blood clotting. Apart from this, it also helps in filling the damaged blood cells. But when the liver is damaged, it does not make enough protein. In such a situation, the wound does not heal quickly in case of injury.

prone to swelling

When the liver is damaged, there is a decrease in the production of a protein called albumin in the body. Due to which there is swelling in the legs and arms. Due to less protein, fluids start accumulating in the blood vessels.

rapid weight loss

Sudden weight loss without dieting and exercise can also be a sign of liver disease. This is often an early sign of liver cirrhosis and should not be ignored.

stomach pain and loss of appetite

In liver disease, fluid can accumulate in the abdomen, which can lead to abdominal distension. This can make your stomach look tight and swollen. Due to liver failure, fluid starts filling in the stomach lining and the space between the organs. This can cause problems with loss of appetite.

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yellowing of the skin

If your skin and eyes turn yellow, it can be a sign of liver disease. The skin takes on this color when the bile pigment bilirubin increases. This causes jaundice. Such problems occur when the liver fails to control the amount of bile in the body.

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