Man travels Amritsar to Dubai as the sole passenger on the Air India flight

Man travels Amritsar to Dubai as the sole passenger on the Air India flight

Flying alone from Amritsar to Delhi, the passenger sitting on the Air India flight gave an experience like 'Maharaja'

‘Felt like a Maharaja’, flying alone from Amritsar to Dubai, the passenger described the ‘memorable’ experience&nbsp | &nbspPhoto Credits:&nbspANI

Amritsar : An Indian businessman residing in the United Arab Emirates, traveling solo from Amritsar to UAE on an Air India international flight turned out to be a memorable experience for him. He said that during the visit he felt like a ‘Maharaja’. However, during this time he also missed the lack of co-travellers.

Businessman SP Singh Oberoi had booked a flight from Amritsar to Dubai on Wednesday, the flight journey of which is about three hours. He says that when he boarded the flight, he was surprised to learn that he was the only passenger in the plane.

‘I’ve been very lucky’

He said, ‘I took an Air India (AI-929) flight from Amritsar to Dubai on 23rd June at around 4 am. I was the only passenger on the entire flight. I’ve been very lucky. During my travels I kept feeling like a Maharaja.

Oberoi, who holds a ten-year Golden Visa and runs a business in Dubai, said the crew treated him well and even photographs of him were taken inside the empty plane.

However, he admitted that without co-travellers, the journey eventually became boring. To pass his time, he also counted the number of seats and windows on the Airbus 320 plane.

I will not travel like this next time

He said, ‘If I get a chance to travel alone next time, I will refuse. It’s good for a once in a lifetime experience, but it was too boring.’ He said, “I missed the slogans like ‘Jo Bole So Nihal’ and ‘Sat Shri Akal’ which are commonly spoken by passengers boarding aircraft from Punjab during take-off and landing of aircraft. ‘

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Oberoi was initially denied permission to board the flight by Air India. But they were allowed to do so after the intervention of the Civil Aviation Ministry.

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