Medha Shankar was seen in Netflix’s ‘Beacham House’, now won hearts with her brilliant performance in ‘Shaadisthan’

Medha Shankar was seen in Netflix’s ‘Beacham House’, now won hearts with her brilliant performance in ‘Shaadisthan’

Medha Shankar

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  • Hotstar’s film Shaadisthan is very much in discussion these days.
  • Medha Shankar has played an important role in this film.
  • Medha Shankar was earlier seen in ‘Beacham House’.

Meet medha shankar actress of Shaadisthan movie: Actress Medha Shankar is garnering a lot of praise for her feature film ‘Shaadisthan’ on Hotstar. Starring Kirti Kulhari, Nivedita Bhattacharya and Medha Shankar in lead roles, the film revolves around Arshi (Medha Shankar) and her family, who have a traditional mindset and want to get her engaged against her wishes. Medha’s performance has received rave reviews for her emotionally intense yet restrained portrayal of Arshi in the film. Medha was last seen in ‘Beacham House’, a British television series directed by Gurinder Chadha.

Medha, who was seen playing the role of Arshi in the feature film Shaadisthan, spoke about her character. She says, “Arshi is a 17-year-old Bombay girl who dreams of going to college. Wants to make a name, have fun with her friends and lead an independent life. For this role, I gave her existence a certainty. Created a personal, social and emotional life for him as a means of giving and understanding to fulfillment.”

Talking about her experience working with her co-actors, Medha said, “It has been an absolute pleasure to work with this entire cast including Keerthi, Nivedita, Rajan, Ajay, Shenpen and Apoorva. Keerthi is fun. He is a human being and got to learn a lot from him.I feel very grateful that I got a chance to work with him.

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Medha’s upcoming projects include a web series for Hotstar titled ‘Those Pricey Thakur Girls’. Earlier, Medha was seen in a British television series ‘Beacham House’ directed by Gurinder Chadha, which is available on Netflix and Sketch with the Viral Fever (TVF) and Netflix. Medha has also done some advertisements which include brands like Coca Cola, Paytm, Fashion at Big Bazaar etc.

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