Sykkuno explains how a ‘mad man’ destroyed his Internet cables

Sykkuno explains how a ‘mad man’ destroyed his Internet cables

Popular YouTuber and Twitch streamer “Sykkuno” recently talked about how a “madman” destroyed his internet cables.

Sykkuno has not streamed for some time, and fans were worried about his disappearance.

When he was playing GTA RP recently, his stream crashed, leading to fans worrying about his well-being and whereabouts.

The Twitch streamer has spoken about what happened to his stream and revealed how a “maniac” apparently destroyed his internet cables. He also talked about how difficult things could be without access to the web.

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“I’m so sad, I wanted to race with everyone” – Sykkuno talks about missing streaming when his internet crashed

Sykkuno explained the situation in detail, talking about how his internet wire got destroyed.

“So my internet went out because apparently some maniac destroyed my internet line like outside. So it was like, gone-gone. They had to send someone to replace the line because someone destroyed it like an absolute madman. They had to replace the whole thing, that’s pretty much what happened.”

The streamer went on to address how difficult it was without any internet. He revealed that he tried to tether his mobile internet to his computer but ran out of data in two hours. After that, he ended up without any internet for two days.

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Sykkuno said that he didn’t mind having some time away from streaming. However, without access to the internet, he couldn’t stream, play games or even upload pictures.

The 28-year-old added that he was upset that he missed out on racing with other streamers like Rachel “Valkyrae” Hofstetter and Leslie “Fuslie” Fu.

“I heard everyone was racing yesterday. I’m so sad, I wanted to race with everyone. I wanted to race with Rae, Leslie. They all did racing.”

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Sykkuno explained that his phone data had fast internet to a limit, following which it slows down. He added that he was glad the others waited for him before moving forward with the Vault plan in GTA RP.

Sykkuno’s internet connection has now been reset, and he will be streaming regularly again.

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