How to get free Skyler and Chrono characters in Free Fire for a limited time

How to get free Skyler and Chrono characters in Free Fire for a limited time

Characters are an essential part of Garena Free Fire because of their distinct powers. Players can buy the majority of them via the in-game store. The title currently has 39 characters, with Xayne and Maro being the two most recent additions.

Events are a way to get free objects in the game, and the developers add new ones regularly.

To celebrate Eid, Free Fire launched the Ramadan event yesterday, i.e., on May 6th. The new “Rev up for Eid” log-in event allows players to try out multiple gun skins and characters, including Chrono and Skylers, for seven days.

This article shares all the details about this latest event from where players can get the Chrono and Skyler characters at no cost.

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Getting Skyler and Chrono from the new Free Fire event

Rev up for Eid is a daily login event in Free Fire, and Chrono was the first reward. It started yesterday, so if players had logged in on May 6th, they can still collect this character (limited duration of seven days) from the event section.

They can also collect the Skyler character for a limited period along with other characters like Xayne. Here is the reward list for the Rev up for Eid event:

  1. Chrono character (7 days) – Login 1 day
  2. MP5 Demolitionist skin (7 days) – Login 2 days
  3. K character (7 days) – Login 3 days
  4. P90 Rebel Academy skin (7 days) – Login 4 days
  5. Skyler character (7 days) – Login 5 days
  6. M500 Party Animal skin (7 days) – Login 6 days
  7. Xayne character (7 days) – Login 7 days
  8. Groza Great Plunder skin (7 days) – Login 8 days

As Skyler is available on the fifth day, players must log in to the game on that day to claim him for seven days.

Here is how players can claim Skyler:

Open the
Open the “Events” section in Free Fire

Step 1: Players should choose the “Events” section icon present in the right-hand corner of the default menu screen.

Step 2: They have to then tap on the “Eid 2021” tab and select “Rev up for Eid.”

Go to the
Go to the “Eid” tab and claim the reward

Step 3: Next, users must tap on the “Claim” button next to the login reward located on the right-hand side of the screen.

Step 4: After claiming the character or weapon skin, they can either quick-equip it or equip it later in their loadout.

On the fifth day, players can claim Skyler by following the steps above.

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