Kavya warns To Anupamaa stay away vanraj : Anupamaa Shocking Twists:

Kavya warns To Anupamaa stay away vanraj : Anupamaa Shocking Twists:

Anupamaa Upadate Twists Shocking Kavya warning To Anupama for vanraj

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  • Anupama is currently ruling the small screen.
  • Vanraj is looking for job and cannot find it.
  • Now Kavya will be seen teaching Anupama a lesson.

Anupama is currently ruling the television screen. The show is doing very well and every week BARC continues to top the TRP ratings. It seems that Vanraj is looking for a job and cannot find it. Also Vanraj is now ready to take up a job in a cafe as he fails to get a new job in reputed companies. Here Nandini and Samar hear Vanraj’s conversation and tension. So Nandini feels sad for Vanraj, she wants his problems to be resolved soon.

Conflict between Samar-Nandini regarding Vanraj
On the other hand, Samar feels that this should happen to Vanraj. Because earlier he used to humiliate Anupama for her small education work with low salary. Vanraj seems to be in trouble, and is facing this phase as he regrets leaving Anupama to marry Kavya. He is missing Anupama’s support and wants to go back to her.

Kavya warns Anupama
As Vanraj and Kavya get married. Now Kavya is trying to rule over Shah’s house. Vanraj and Anupama seem to understand and support each other very well. In the upcoming episode, Kavya sees Anupama and Vanraj’s untold chemistry and turns green in anger. Further, Kavya holds Anupama’s wrist tightly and warns her to stay away from her husband. It will be interesting to see what happens next in the show.

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Let us tell you, Anupama has been continuously trying to be self dependent since her divorce. Now Anupama not only makes her own decisions but also keeps her point in a much stronger way than before. It is being told that Anupama is going to start her dance academy soon.

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