Nazia became a victim of Taliban oppression, knocked on the door thrice and killed for the fourth time

Nazia became a victim of Taliban oppression, knocked on the door thrice and killed for the fourth time

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Nazia became a victim of Taliban oppression, knocked on the door thrice and killed for the fourth time&nbsp


  • Nazia killed by Taliban fighters in Faryab province on 12 July
  • Throwing a grenade at home for refusing to cook
  • After the announcement of Islamic rule, women said – did not get time to buy burqa

A glimpse of what is now Taliban rule in Afghanistan came when the hoardings of a beauty parlor in Kabul were painted. It is a different matter that on Tuesday, the Taliban said in the press conference that they are advocates of women’s freedom but Islamic laws have to be obeyed. It is a different matter that whatever Taliban terrorists did to Nazia living in northern Afghanistan is contrary to their promises and claims. Nazia is no longer in this world, but when her daughter Manija mentions that horrific scene, she gets goosebumps.
Incident in Faryab province on July 12
This incident is from the Faryab province of Afghanistan on 12 July. The witness of what happened to Nazia is her daughter Maniza. Manija tells that her mother lived in a village in northern Afghanistan with three children in her house. Taliban fighters came to his village and knocked on the door of his house and demanded to cook food for about 15 fighters. When Nazia said that she was very poor, where would she be able to cook food, the fighters started beating her. Maniza kept saying that Taliban fighters should not kill her mother. He stopped for a while and then threw the grenade and his mother died in that incident.

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No time to buy burqa after Talibani decree
Some women said they didn’t have time to buy a burqa to comply with Taliban rules that women must be covered with a male relative when they leave the house. For women in Afghanistan, the flowing cloth is 20 years old. represents a sudden and devastating loss of rights enjoyed in the U.S.—the right to work, study, move, and even live in peace—that they will never fear.

Remembering the days of 1996-2001
When the Taliban last ruled Afghanistan between 1996 and 2001, they closed girls’ schools and banned women from working. After the US invasion in 2001, restrictions on women were eased, and Even as the war broke out, a local commitment to improving women’s rights, supported by international groups and donors, created new legal protections.

Some laws were made for women in 2009
In 2009, the Abolition of Violence Against Women Act outlawed rape, battery and forced marriage and made it illegal to bar women or girls from working or studying. This time the Taliban promised to form an Afghan inclusive Islamic government. Although it is not clear what form this will take and whether the new leadership will include women. Farzana Kochai, a member of the Afghan parliament, says she does not know what will happen next. There has been no clear announcement regarding the formation of the government in the future – do we have a parliament in the future government or not?

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