Release date and event details revealed

Release date and event details revealed

Genshin Impact will be releasing its first event featuring PVP gameplay with the addition of the Windtrace event on May 14th.

This event will task players with taking on roles similar to Prop Hunt, as some players will disguise themselves within the environment while others will hunt them down. Players can take part in this event for Primogems and other rewards. This is also the last Genshin Impact event that will take place during Zhongli’s banner, making this the last chance for players to get some extra wishes before he leaves the game for the time being.

Players can find out more about Windtrace here.

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Genshin Impact Windtrace: Prop hunt mini-game release date and more

The Windtrace event has been formally announced in Genshin Impact, and more details about this PVP event have been revealed. This event will begin on May 14th, and it will last until May 24th, meaning that players will have 10 days to farm as many Windtrace Coins as they can.

Players will be able to recieve Windtrace Coins by taking part in the event as either a “Rebel” or a “Hunter,” and they will need to complete challenges and defeat other players to progress in the event.

The gameplay of this new Genshin Impact event seems similar to the game Prop Hunt, as players will split into teams and either play as Rebels and disguise themselves as objects in the environment through Windward Arts, or as Hunters, who will use Arts of the Hunter to locate the hiding players.

Players will also compete to acquire hidden “Favors” that will appear on the map in various locations, and collecting enough of these will allow them to use a “Secret Favor” – an ability that can bring a team an easy victory.

Windtrace Abilities(Image via Project Celestia )
Windtrace Abilities(Image via Project Celestia )

Genshin Impact players will be utilizing new abilities created for this new game mode. Hunters will be able to use abilities that reveal hiders, similar to using Elemental Sight or the Bounty system.

Hiders will receive more game-changing abilities, like being able to disguise themselves as objects in the environment, laying traps, or even disappearing entirely. Players will have to utilize these abilities to succeed in the event.

Windtrace event details: Co-op not providing Windtrace Coins

Genshin Impact players have also recently been told that they will only be able to receive Windtrace Coins in randomized games with players that are not on their friends list. This has brought some dismay in the community, as many players were looking forward to playing this event with their friends.

(Image via Mihoyo )
(Image via Mihoyo )

While co-op play with friends is still an option, players will not be receiving any rewards for enjoying this new mode with their friends. This may change due to the community response, but for now, players will simply have to queue up with randoms to get their event rewards.

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With this new event, players will be able to enjoy a brand new gameplay experience in Genshin Impact and grab some Primogems in the process. With only a few days left on the Zhongli banner, players should definitely take advantage of the new Windtrace event.

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