Resident Evil Village player smacks Lady Dimitrescu, and hilarity ensues

Resident Evil Village player smacks Lady Dimitrescu, and hilarity ensues

Lady Dimitrescu is the first boss fight in Resident Evil Village. Despite the game being fairly new, players have already started making funny videos in it. Before engaging in a fight with Lady Dimitrescu, one player went the extra mile trying to ‘spank’ her.

Although the incident didn’t end favorably for the player, it was a funny incident. The players got a fly swatter from somewhere, which they used to spank the boss.

Resident Evil Village player spanks Lady Dimitrescu

As seen in the video above, the player spanks Lady Dimitrescu with the fly swatter. She doesn’t take too kindly and turns to the player, killing them with her long and sharp fingers.

In the game, Lady Dimitrescu is anything but lady-like. She’s the first boss that players encounter in the game. Although she may not be as difficult as the bosses that follow next, she is tough to beat at higher difficulties.

The battle occurs in two stages. The first stage is high up on the ramparts of the castle. Players can run around these ramparts to avoid her attacks while landing hits on her weak point.

The second stage occurs after the player gets cornered on one of the spires on top of the castle. This stage of the battle is a total slugfest, and it’s easy if players are armed with a shotgun. All they need to do is empty all of their shotgun shells into the weak part of Lady Dimitrescu, and this battle is over in Resident Evil Village.

Players need to remember that ammo is critical in this battle. Be armed well to make this battle a short and quick one. Players also get a chance to stock up on ammo before the second stage of the battle begins in Resident Evil Village.

Having said that, she may be an easy boss to take down in a battle, but the player who sneaked up on Lady Dimitrescu deserved to die in Resident Evil Village. The player had it coming with such an act.

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